Art Critics Needed

When Sean interned at a church a few years back, he and a friend were put in charge of making the VBS banner. They ended up making a great splatter painting – of which Sean was very proud.

After we got married and were settling into our new apartment, Sean suggested we make a splatter painting of our own for our apartment. I wouldn’t really classify myself as a Jackson Pollock kind of girl…so I was rather hesitant about the whole idea.

Last week, I was shopping at a furniture resale shop near my parents house, and my mom and I stumbled on 4 giant canvases still in their plastic wrapping – and very cheap! It seemed too perfect to pass up so I brought one home to my hubby to surprise him.

One very happy husband and I headed to Home Depot this past weekend to buy some paint samples. We brought along a pillow from our family room and debated colors for a while. I was rooting for the subdued hues…Sean was hoping to make a statement – so we got a little of both. We headed home and got to work in the very hot sun (our masterpiece dried in only a couple of hours!)

Hubs hard at work...Observe the commitment...the passion...he's a natural...

Our masterpiece is finished and has been sitting on top of our couch for the past few days (I finally tentatively hung it on the wall last night to see how it looks). I’m totally unsure about whether or not I like it…and Sean’s not completely convinced either. So we are out-sourcing for opinions. I need the facts people. The cold. hard. truth. Does this work? Too modern for our taste? Just a complete and utter disaster? You admire our artistic talents but think we should sell the painting to the highest bidder? I know the pics aren’t the best…but work with me here!

Yes, we do have one very lumpy green couch…its not my favorite…but its something to sit on…

Whether we decide to go with the finished product or not, it…

…was a fun project

…was a good way to put our mess-making abilities to good use

…gave us an excuse to finger paint and pretend to be adult about it

…may still not have completely washed off…


8 thoughts on “Art Critics Needed

  1. Katryna

    I am an artist and I am glad that I stumbled upon your post. To be brutally honest…I think that the piece is great! Although, in order for it to fit the room that you are thinking of, I feel that it should POP! Like more reds, you need something really bright in there to pull the piece off of the wall. Contrasting colors like a bright white, with a few splatters of the deepest reds you can find will bring out the best. I am not saying that you should toss the piece and give up hope, I am simply saying that you should spice it up a bit. Take my advice! Trust me, splatter painting is one of my specialties.


  2. Aunt Sue-Ellen

    Why not embellish it and make it more of a collage of your personalities with the splatter as the background. Embellishments can be anything – buttons, sticks, small keys, torn pieces of newspaper, letters, words, ribbon, a poem – use your imagination……just a thought.

  3. Aunt Susan

    Hi Meg – An art critic I am not! However, I am here with Uncle Chip and he says “Frame it and hang it!”

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