The past few weeks have been busy, busy.

Unfortunately, with our computer out on holiday it has been quite difficult to keep things updated around here…but that’s not to say that there aren’t lots of things to update about.

Between our trip to Nicaragua and our vacation in Erie the following weekend, there’s lots to say….but it will have to wait. Bribing your computer takes lots of time and effort…it’s an art form really.

Here are a few quick updates for you…

After all of our gallivanting around the world, Sean and I came home to a completely different garden.

If you can remember, it originally looked like this…

And then we made it look like this…

And now, we are pretty much back where we started……ok so not exactly where we started…

Green Peppers

Green Beans



We have continued to enjoy working on our garden together. Some of these pictures are already out-dated, as a few of the vegetables have continued to grow and overtake the bed even more! We are looking forward to lots and lots of tomatoes, and hoping to eat some watermelon by the end of the summer…(we can dream).

As a side note: I have strangely begun to refer to the watermelon plant as “Watermelon” as if that is its formal name. Watermelon is a girl (?), and I talk about and defend her as if she is my child. Why has this development occurred? One reason could be that Watermelon is a vine. Vines grow quickly, therefore Watermelon makes me feel good about myself. No matter how bad of a gardener I have been that week…Watermelon is still growing. Will she produce fruit?…I am the deluded parent who has convinced myself that yes, she will.

In other gardening news…my herbs have survived. Although, we’ve had some rough patches.

This……has become this…

Herbs: A Brief History:

Basil – Unidentified creature has knocked it off our porch not once, but twice. The basil has bravely survived this full-story fall, but is looking worse for wear recently. Has mom even bothered to consider buying basil a new pot?…considered, yes, if by considered you mean – identified that it needs a new pot and then went on with my day.

Parsley – As you can see from the photo a bit, parsley has turned brown. So parsley and I did some pruning the other day, and now it may or may not be a bunch of branches and no leaves…it’ll grow back right??

Rosemary – We had a rocky start. I think that Rosemary is the type of gal who doesn’t just jump into a relationship. I built the trust (tricked her into thinking I was capable of caring for her/kept her from talking to Basil) and just look at her now!

All strange talk of plant-children aside, Sean and I have really enjoyed this new project. We have been so excited to eat something we worked to grow ourselves. Can’t wait until more of those tomatoes are ready to eat!

Last update……the painting made the wall.


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