Early Morning Emergency

Somehow, just over a week later, it’s happened again…

…I found myself in one of those absurd experiences that happens so often in my life. Lucky for all of you, I choose not to hide my major fails, and instead record them all here for your enjoyment. I must be living in a state of either brash irresponsibility or frequent misfortune. I, of course, believe it’s the latter. In reality, it’s definitely the former.

This past weekend we were visiting my family in Ohio for my sister’s engagement party. We had decided that my car might fare better in the event of a snowstorm, so we opted to make the 1 1/2 hour drive in my CRV. We had a great visit (at some point I will share pictures) and were sad to return home on Sunday night.

Early Monday morning around 7am, I had just woken up and begun to get ready for work when my phone rang. It was my mom.

Me: Hello

Mom: Do you have your car keys?

Me: I think so.

Mom: You don’t. We just found them hanging on the hook by the door.

Me: Some panicked response…

So there I was: Monday morning, two hours before work started, with no way to open or drive my car and no way to lock the door to our apartment.

Sean had driven the car both to and from my parents using his set of keys. Throughout the weekend, our car didn’t leave the spot we parked it, and I never used my keys. As far as I knew, they were in the bottom of my purse, on the floor in my old bedroom for our entire visit. Unfortunately, my keys sprouted legs, walked downstairs and hung themselves up on a hook by the door at some point during the weekend. How in the world do these things happen?

My first course of action was to call Sean, who had already started his school day. The first time I called his office phone it went to voice mail. The second time I called the secretary picked up.

Secretary: Hello?

Me: Hello. Is Sean in home room already?

Secretary: Sensing my frantic tone of voice…I’ll go get him.

With no way to retrieve Sean’s set of keys, I ended up calling our good friends to see if they were able to give me a ride to work. Kara and James hurried over and saved me. Without my house keys, I may or may not have left the back door to our apartment open when I left for work. When I got in the car, I asked James if “Miss Megan had woken him up this morning.” He answered me with an emphatic YES! (Which cracked me up) Sean and I are so thankful for friends who are close enough to call in an emergency – albeit a ridiculous one!

I got to work safe and sound – and on time! And no one broke into our house (as if the doorknobs would have worked anyway)…

Thank you for saving me this week VanHoudnos family! We love you and are so thankful to have you in our lives!


6 thoughts on “Early Morning Emergency

  1. Courtney

    oh meg. Sorry we couldn’t help. Glad Kara is more on the ball than I am! And if it makes you feel better, I once had to break into my own apartment. It involved standing on a trashcan and jimmy’ing open a window. Good thing the whole neighborhood could see me…just in case they wanted to know how to get into our place when we’re gone.

  2. Karen

    This might make you feel better…I once was running around doing my errands and thinking of the million things I had in my head. I stopped at the store, ran in to get a couple of things and came out to find my truck still running…with both doors locked. I’m glad that I remembered to lock the doors; just wish I would have taken the keys out of the ignition first!

    1. Meg Post author

      O my goodness! That sounds like something I would do! Its funny what happens when I try to do everything at once…So nice to see you a couple weekends ago! Hope you had a good trip home!


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