On Mall Walking

Due to my timely unemployment, I have been available to help take Sean’s grandma to the physical therapist a couple of times for some treatment she is getting for her dizziness. This morning was one of her appointments. Afterwards, since I was already out, I decided to pop over to the mall for a few errands.

I arrived at the mall a few minutes before 9:30am and proceeded to park in my usual section of the parking lot (Do you do that too?). I headed inside one of the stores attached to the mall. I have to admit, the thought did cross my mind that I was arriving a bit early in the morning, but the door was open so I walked right in. There was a flurry of activity inside the store, which abruptly came to a halt as soon as I entered. All eyes on me, one of the disgruntled employees briskly  informed me that they hadn’t opened yet, but that I could use the mall entrance next door. I stuck my tail between my legs, mumbled something like “Then why was the door open?”, and headed to the door she had indicated.

I’m not sure it struck me until I was almost run over by a large band of track suits – None of the stores were open yet. I was a mall walker.

It seemed foolish to get back in my car and try to find an open store in range, and I certainly wasn’t going to drive home and come back. Since I was already in over my head, I decided to at least do a lap of the mall while I considered my predicament.

I tried to play it cool – this plan was abruptly foiled when I attempted to ride the escalator to the second floor. Since the mall wasn’t open, the moving staircase wasn’t moving yet. And those first couple of short steps at the bottom make for a clumsy climb.

I found the climate of the pre-opened mall to be unusually cold. I ended up trying to keep up with a pack of locals, in a vain attempt to keep my body temperature up.

Quickly succumbing to the culture, I did what any hip mall walker would do. I went to the Apple Store.

Per usual, the Apple Store welcomed me with an open door and a plethora of devices specializing in time-wasting. There were a few actual customers there (Read: Accidental mall walkers like myself) attending their computer class appointments before the store actually opened, but they permitted me to wander around pretending like I had a reason for being there. I have been hearing so much about Siri, the new personal assistant app for the iPhone, so I headed to that section of the store in hopes that I could ask her, “Siri, am I still cool?” Thankfully, my tech-prowess failed me (and since I couldn’t ask any of the store people standing next to me for help getting the app to work until the store opened at 10am) and I didn’t have to hear her reply, “No, Meg, all attempts to salvage that have failed.”

As soon as the mall opened at 10am, I went to the smoothie stand in the Food Court and got myself a recovery drink.



5 thoughts on “On Mall Walking

  1. ali

    did this happen before or after we chatted today? why didnt you mention this on our phone convo earlier

    haha such a funny experience!

  2. Robin

    HAhahahahahaha. I absolutely love this!!!!! You sound like you fast forwarded to senior citizen–did I say that? I am going to be that in a few short years!!!!

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