Technology Time-Out

I’ve kidded recently that Sean has been rather busy ruling the world…the world according to 9th graders, that is. Between teaching and coaching wrestling after school and at matches (Sometimes I forget and still call them ‘wrestling games’) our time together has been limited. To add to the mix, last week Sean started his next semester of grad classes…Not to mention that I occasionally have a life as well (Not in the selfless, shaping-of-young-minds way that Sean has, but a life none the less).

With the way our weeknight schedule seems to be shaking out, we’ve needed to take advantage of the one night a week that we have at home together. And quite frankly, lately we’ve been slightly misusing that time. I’ve been known to spend a good amount of time on my computer – catching up on all the blogs on my Reader, Pinterest-ing my heart out or plodding away at my life goal: watching every episode of 90210 (admirable, I know). Before I know it, the entire evening has gone by and all I have to show for it are sore eyes and a feeling of severe procrastination.

So in the spirit of…

I am declaring a technology time-out for the one night a week we are both home. While this might seem like a silly gesture to some of you who don’t suffer from the same level of tech-addiction that I do, please accept that this is a valid baby step for me. Over the past two weeks, I have been somewhat successful in this new venture, although, this week’s night was a little interrupted when I was hit with a case of extreme fatigue at 8pm and headed off for an early bedtime.

In addition to this setting a healthier pattern for our lives in general, I think this will be much healthier for our marriage as well. And though I declare myself an excellent time-fritterer…I refuse to fritter away my time with Sean. He makes me laugh too much, it would just be a waste.


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