Rebel Without a Cause…or How I Got Kicked Off the Bus This Morning

This month, I decided to write about all of our new routines – with everything changing in our life lately, there are plenty of these. Since starting my new job, I have started riding the bus, and so I was ready to document the newness of that experience. When we were first married, we only had one car – so there was a period in which I rode a bus (that stopped at the end of our street) to work everyday. If you know anything about our neighborhood, you understand why I had crazy experiences on public transportation: a hug from a homeless man (accompanied by a Pitt football schedule, of course), a lady in a wig lecturing me about how the Nazi’s were coming to get me, and my personal favorite: the day I held someone’s baby. Needless to say, I was fully prepared to share how my new bus-riding routine was turning my world upside-down (or at least a bit side-ways).

Imagine my surprise, when the bus has proved, well, pretty boring. I drive to a park-and-ride lot each morning, fight for a parking spot, get on the bus, ride it to work (with no stops), and get off. No one talks to me, no one even really looks at me, and no one offers me a hug (or their baby). I pretty much attained regular-status on my new bus in under a week.

…Until I got kicked off this bus this morning.

Thanks to my new morning routine, my drive to the park and ride was calm and uneventful. I arrived with plenty of time to park my car. All of the actual spots at the park and ride typically fill up around 7:30am, so the rest of us, who don’t need to be at work at 7:45, have to make our own rules and park anywhere we feel constitutes a spot. On my first day, I asked a guy at the bus stop what the rules were for parking. He responded, “There are no rules.” Included in this anarchical system: you may park directly next to the bus stop. I decided to take that option this morning and parked my car. Just so we are completely clear on how I parked my car I drew a diagram:

Since I was so close to the bus stop, I decided to wait in my car. When it arrived, I got in line and was the last person on the bus. That’s when the bus driver launched into a series of rapid-fire passive-aggressive comments:

Bus Driver: Can I ask you a question?

Me: (Taken completely off-guard/nervous about talking to strange men on the bus) Uhh sure…

Bus Driver: Is that your car? (Points to the car he knows is mine because he watched me get out of it)

People on the Bus: (Silent and now completely focused on this entire conversation…)

Me: Uhh yes…

Bus Driver: Do you really think those cars are going to be able to get out of here in an emergency situation? (Could have just said ‘when they try to leave the lot after work’ but instead invents emergency situation to reinforce passive-aggressive nature of this conversation)

Me: (This is when I should have said yes. But I am totally blind-sided, so I say…) I don’t know…

Bus Driver: Well, are you going to move it?

Me: Umm ok…(At this point, I meekly back off the bus completely humiliated)

(Bus drives away. I park my car. The space I moved out of was filled with other cars in a matter of minutes. I barely make it to work on time.)


For further clarification:

I don’t know how I always get myself in these foolish situations…but I do. And now that it is no longer this morning, I am no longer angry. Now, it’s just funny and a bit ridiculous.


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