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Every night this week, Sean and I have sat in our living room together.

Riveting story, I know…But seriously, it has been stinkin’ wonderful.

Since we got married four years ago, our schedules have been off. First, I worked a lot of evenings. Then Sean started grad school. And recently, he was coaching wrestling. Life has been busy, and for almost four years, the nights that we’ve had free to just sit in our living room together have been few and far between.

I have been wanting nights like this for a while now. Time to sit and read in the same room. Time to chat. No busyness, no running from one thing to the next, time just to be.

I like looking up from my book and seeing him sitting across the room. That’s the only thing I want to put on our calendar for a while.


My Sweet Friend

Yesterday this book arrived at my house:

Bittersweet, book about change, changeThe book is a birthday present from my best friend Kelly, as well as further proof that she is an extremely thoughtful friend. The subtitle of the book is “Thoughts on change, grace, and learning the hard way.” I believe that friends are supposed to tell you what you need to hear, and heaven knows I can use all the thoughts on transition and hard lessons that I can get right now.

Kelly (or Kelizzle as I’ve been known to call her – a nickname I devised in a supremely awkward moment of our past together) and I have been friends since elementary school. It has been a friendship that has seen me through most of my growing-up. Kell has been there for most of the bittersweet changes that I’ve gone through and despite different schools, cities, and phases of life, we’ve managed to stay close.

Of course it hasn’t all been sunshine –  There was the epic battle we had over whether Mac and Cheese should be made with butter or margarine – And the hours we spent in middle school fighting over AIM (our dads still have nightmares about the frantic pace of our fingers on the keyboards) – but somehow we’ve managed to preserve a friendship.

Last year, Kelly started med school and we are learning that staying close doesn’t mean frequent visits and lengthy phone conversations. Instead, we are connecting in the small things – emailing verses, sending quick texts: “Pray for my rough week,” and touching base throughout the day on gchat (which makes me laugh remembering our track record on internet conversation – perhaps Google products are superior at producing positive interactions? Or maybe we’ve just grown older and nicer since middle school?)

Kelly teaches me how to have fun and embrace the silly. She pursues her friends, loves Carrie Bradshaw as much as I do (although maybe Charlotte York just a bit more), and has a kind and thoughtful spirit. She is one of those people who has style through and through. She always extends me grace and always cheers me on. I am so grateful that we’ve been friends so long and for her encouragement right when I need it.

I love you Kelizzle! Thanks for the book. I can’t wait to start reading it. Let’s both go home over Christmas k?

We’re TWO!

Yup. It’s true. Two whole years together.

So experienced in this marriage business that Sean knew the perfect gift to give his lovely wife (that’s me!):

pretty romantic huh?

I don’t just keep him around because he’s cute.

+ I also got these babes:

So there you have it…the way to my heart. Artificial chocolate product and some sweet smellin’ pretties.

All I got him was a lousy card…

+ one of my Ho-Hos…

Medium Maintenance Fun

I like to say that I am ‘medium maintenance’ when it comes to holidays. Medium maintenance is a term affectionately borrowed from a friend for its pure genius and pure appropriateness.

It would be unfair for me to be classified as high maintenance about holiday fun. I don’t require expensive Christmas presents, the correct assortment of food does not need to grace my Thanksgiving table year after year, I barely hold to any firm traditions…

…but at the age of 24…I still like getting an Easter basket. A desire that my husband graciously indulges.

This year, Sean sent me off on my hunt in the early morning hours (Of course, he makes me search for it!). To his dismay, I found the basket in his expert hiding spot quite quickly.

He tucked it inside his ski jacket, zipped it up and hung it on a hanger inside our front room closet. Clever – but he’ll have to try harder next year.

A couple days before Easter I planned a surprise of my own, so when Sean sent me off to find my basket – I had a surprise for him! I had already hidden 20 Easter eggs all over the apartment for him to find. I gave him a bucket and he got right to work! I tried my hardest to hide them completely out of sight – I even managed to stump him on a few!

Inside each egg was a different reason why I love him.

I’m so blessed to have a husband who still likes to play…and who doesn’t mind putting up with my quirks!

Valentines Date Night

Last year on Valentine’s Day Sean and I got all dressed up and headed out for a night on the town…without dinner reservations.

I’m not really sure what we were thinking. We’re newlyweds…the world revolves around our love, right?

After trying to get seats at places all over town, we ended up at a sports bar eating fried cheese and trying to avoid watching TV over each others shoulders.

This year, to skip the crowds (and having to plan ahead), we decided to stay home for dinner. Sean promptly suggested that he cook us a romantic meal. I promptly agreed.

He bought fancy linens to set the table with…

…and surprised me with flowers and a favorite wine...

The food was delicious…and the stud even made creme brulee for dessert!

Sean can’t resist a good dip in front of the self-timer.

It was a very Happy Valentine’s Day my love!

Thanks for all the ways you serve me each and every day!