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A Word with You :: Same

Life has been CA-RAZY lately. We somehow found ourselves at the beginning of April staring down an extremely packed calendar.

This month, for ‘A Word with You,’ I thought it might be fun, and potentially calming, to review the things that are the same in each crazy day. Amidst all the busyness and coming and going, there are consistencies – little restorative, dependable things to be grateful for.

morning routine :: Like it or not, I get up each morning around 7. I sleep in later than I should and race around to get ready in time to make a smoothie before heading out the door.

my commute :: I really appreciate the 15 minute walk I have each morning before I catch the T into town. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I am starting to enjoy it even more. I usually take this time to call my sister or chat with my mom during her drive to work.

solid joys :: Since I can’t seem to slow down my am routine, I have started reading a devotional during my ride into town every morning. The Solid Joys app from John Piper is my current fav.

lunch hour :: I look forward to my lunch hour every day. I typically spend my break walking around town and finding a quiet place to read. Check out the Good Reads widget in the sidebar for a list of books I’m currently buried in.

the ride home :: Now that Sean is done with school, he has been picking me up from the T stop most days of the week. I love these few moments in the car with nothing to do but catch up on how our days went.

ice cream :: Somehow, ice cream has started to play a major role in our evening plans. As much as I love this snacking pattern – I have started to rethink the health benefits of indulging every night. Currently, we love anything with chocolate & peanut butter and eat it while enjoying another recent addiction: episodes of Mad Men.

This spring & summer I hope to add ‘evening walks’ to this list of daily activities. Sean and I took one last week and it was fabulous!

While the word ‘same’ tends to dredge up feelings of boredom & monotony – I feel like there is a lot to be thankful for in the midst of some ‘sameness.’ In a season of ‘busy,’ some ‘same’ is often just what I need.

our something new



Every night this week, Sean and I have sat in our living room together.

Riveting story, I know…But seriously, it has been stinkin’ wonderful.

Since we got married four years ago, our schedules have been off. First, I worked a lot of evenings. Then Sean started grad school. And recently, he was coaching wrestling. Life has been busy, and for almost four years, the nights that we’ve had free to just sit in our living room together have been few and far between.

I have been wanting nights like this for a while now. Time to sit and read in the same room. Time to chat. No busyness, no running from one thing to the next, time just to be.

I like looking up from my book and seeing him sitting across the room. That’s the only thing I want to put on our calendar for a while.

A Word With You :: Ordinary

I was reminded a few times this past week to stop and notice the simple. I read this post and realized that it had been far too long since I had paused to be purposefully thankful. (Unfortunately) It’s not uncommon for entire weeks to go by without me actively practicing gratefulness. And I’ve found that when I let gratitude escape – an anxious, ‘gimme-more’ spirit quickly steals its way in.

In past moments of envy & over-dramatic woe about what we have or what we have not – I have often found it helpful to force Sean to march around the house with me while I name things that I am grateful for. It sounds completely ridiculous and totally unnecessary – and yet, there are some moments (moments I am in no way proud of) when I look around our corner of the world and fail to see it for the extraordinary blessing that it is.

In our corner of the world, I am warm, and safe, and well-fed. Our home holds an abundance of tangibles, intangibles – countless ordinary, everyday moments that only we share, and lot and lots of love. Today, I am choosing to be grateful.

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25 Post-Its

Yesterday was my 25th birthday. On Tuesday night, I was a bit daunted by the task of spending most of the day by myself, so of course, I whined about it considerably to Sean before we fell asleep.

I woke up on my birthday to find a bright orange post-it next to my bed. Sean had left 25 post-its scattered throughout the house. 25 simple ways to enjoy my birthday – even if I was by myself.

Here were some of my favorites…

#18 Put on this party hat. (Drawn on our bathroom mirror)

#1 Blow the candles out on this cake (On our chalkboard wall)


Thanks to the orange happiness posted all over our house – I had a very Happy Birthday indeed.

After Sean came home from work, we headed off to a restaurant for some bueno Italian food and time with friends.

I am blessed.

It’s the Little Things…

Life isn’t all sunshine and roses around here in newlywed-edness…

Oh no…We’ve managed to find a few small ways to annoy the HECK out of each other.

For instance, this is Sean’s shopping list…

You don’t see it? Did you think it was behind that EMPTY bottle of laundry detergent sitting right in the middle of the hallway? Nope, turns out that is the list.

I believe that the intention is for me to shove that bottle, an empty cereal box and the plastic left over from a roll of paper towels in my purse when I go to the store so that I don’t forget anything.

Turns out I’m even MORE annoying…and I waste money while I’m at it…

You can count on this little energy-suck being pointed in your general direction at all times while not in use.

Never know when you are going to need those precious few seconds of actually having to open your computer before you use it…so why not leave it open all the time?

Trying to sleep?…You bet this ray of sunshine will be pointed at your face throughout the night.


In all seriousness,  I couldn’t ask for a better roommate despite the fact that we have, of course, discovered a few of each others idiosyncrasies.

I love you Seany! Now please excuse me while I shut my computer and go throw away the junk you left in the hallway…


Disclaimer: No husbands were harmed (or offended) in the writing of this post.