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A Word With You :: Green

Even though I could never consider myself a “green thumb,” I love having plants around our house. They tend to add a little bit of decorating texture and depth that helps to make a room really feel finished and homey. I have managed to discover their one short-coming – they need to be kept alive in order to be pretty.

I have a mixed track-record when it comes to growing things – some successes, but I have killed my fair share of greenery (It’s still too soon to talk about my Fiddle Leaf Fig casualty). Along the way, I have developed a workable routine for keeping them green.

We have had this Philodendron since we moved into our first apartment. It was a house-warming gift from my grandma, and although I might be ashamed to admit to her how poorly I have tended to it over the years, it has kept right on growing in spite of my lack of care. This is a great plant for homes with minimal windows or beginner gardeners.

wpid-plants.jpgThis plant was a gift we received from our friend Jaci when we moved into our current place. It has been extremely easy to care for as long as it’s sitting by a window. At first, I was hesitant to place plants that called for low-to-moderate light in front of windows. I realized though, that our apartment really only has one ‘direct light’ window. Our plants really weren’t getting the sun that they needed by sitting out in the middle of the room, so I shifted things around and now everyone seems to be much healthier.

wpid-plants-4.jpgMy current favorite houseplant is this beauty that I got at Anthropologie for $5. It was something they had previously used in a display and were trying to get rid of. Anthro frequently uses plants throughout their stores, so it’s always worth asking if they have anything left over in the back for sale. (If anyone can identify what type of plant this is, I would be grateful!)

wpid-plants-3.jpgMy new favorite trick has been to take clippings and put them in water near a sunny window. Within 1-2 weeks they start to grow roots and can be repotted in new containers or with the original plant to thicken the foliage. I have also been trying to get in the habit of pruning my plants. Although it seems strange to lop off parts of something perfectly healthy – it helps the plants to grow into a fuller shape.


While our entire indoor garden makes me smile, my favorites may be Sean’s contributions:


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