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A Word With You :: Green

Even though I could never consider myself a “green thumb,” I love having plants around our house. They tend to add a little bit of decorating texture and depth that helps to make a room really feel finished and homey. I have managed to discover their one short-coming – they need to be kept alive in order to be pretty.

I have a mixed track-record when it comes to growing things – some successes, but I have killed my fair share of greenery (It’s still too soon to talk about my Fiddle Leaf Fig casualty). Along the way, I have developed a workable routine for keeping them green.

We have had this Philodendron since we moved into our first apartment. It was a house-warming gift from my grandma, and although I might be ashamed to admit to her how poorly I have tended to it over the years, it has kept right on growing in spite of my lack of care. This is a great plant for homes with minimal windows or beginner gardeners.

wpid-plants.jpgThis plant was a gift we received from our friend Jaci when we moved into our current place. It has been extremely easy to care for as long as it’s sitting by a window. At first, I was hesitant to place plants that called for low-to-moderate light in front of windows. I realized though, that our apartment really only has one ‘direct light’ window. Our plants really weren’t getting the sun that they needed by sitting out in the middle of the room, so I shifted things around and now everyone seems to be much healthier.

wpid-plants-4.jpgMy current favorite houseplant is this beauty that I got at Anthropologie for $5. It was something they had previously used in a display and were trying to get rid of. Anthro frequently uses plants throughout their stores, so it’s always worth asking if they have anything left over in the back for sale. (If anyone can identify what type of plant this is, I would be grateful!)

wpid-plants-3.jpgMy new favorite trick has been to take clippings and put them in water near a sunny window. Within 1-2 weeks they start to grow roots and can be repotted in new containers or with the original plant to thicken the foliage. I have also been trying to get in the habit of pruning my plants. Although it seems strange to lop off parts of something perfectly healthy – it helps the plants to grow into a fuller shape.


While our entire indoor garden makes me smile, my favorites may be Sean’s contributions:


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A Word With You :: Ordinary

I was reminded a few times this past week to stop and notice the simple. I read this post and realized that it had been far too long since I had paused to be purposefully thankful. (Unfortunately) It’s not uncommon for entire weeks to go by without me actively practicing gratefulness. And I’ve found that when I let gratitude escape – an anxious, ‘gimme-more’ spirit quickly steals its way in.

In past moments of envy & over-dramatic woe about what we have or what we have not – I have often found it helpful to force Sean to march around the house with me while I name things that I am grateful for. It sounds completely ridiculous and totally unnecessary – and yet, there are some moments (moments I am in no way proud of) when I look around our corner of the world and fail to see it for the extraordinary blessing that it is.

In our corner of the world, I am warm, and safe, and well-fed. Our home holds an abundance of tangibles, intangibles – countless ordinary, everyday moments that only we share, and lot and lots of love. Today, I am choosing to be grateful.

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A Break Break + Our New Little House

This blog is the place where I keep our memories…aside from my heart of course (For those who are all about the cheese – I’m sorry, that was not sincere).

Anyways, so I love keeping our memories here. That’s primarily why I blog. And even though I’m on a break – I need to stop back here for a bit because we are moving. Into a 3-bedroom duplex. Which is kind of-almost like moving into our first house. This must be recorded. I’m sure you understand.

Time for a tour of empty rooms…

Front Door + Living Room

Dining Room (& crazytown chandelier)

Kitchen - There is a breakfast bar that overlooks the dining room...


(I have some pictures of closets/the garage/other bedrooms…but nobody really wants to see that/all the bedrooms look the same right now). Can’t wait to start making it feel like home!!

Here’s a brief list of the things we are totally digging about our new digs:

  1. Let there be light! More than one half window per room? Check. Ability to keep windows open without being creeped on by neighbors with walls far too close to our own? Check. No giant window turning our house into an oven in summer/icebox in winter? Check.
  2. Hardwood floors. I’m so in.
  3. No pink tile in the bathroom. Sean gets his man-card back. I get my style-learner’s-permit back.
  4. Three bedrooms. Ok, we know what you’re thinking. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves…
  5. Dishwasher. Garbage disposal. Normal size fridge. Ok just stop. Is this real life?
  6. Garage. Sean is skipping just thinking about saving our cars from rust, snow, stolen electronic devices, and all other terrible fates that await cars sitting helplessly on the street.
  7. AC. What? We didn’t even find out this was part of the bargain until after we signed the lease. We didn’t even consider it a valid option – so why even ask about it and potentially look silly. Who looks silly now?
  8. Linen closet, front hall closet…I mean, that’s just homey. I will take it.
  9. Upstairs and downstairs. See number 8. Also, doesn’t that just make it feel like more space?
  10. Location, location, location. Although we will miss living in Crazytown, USA, we are excited about the accesibility of our new home: 5 minutes to a great ice cream shop, 5 minutes to Sean’s job. We are both pleased (Although that ice cream shop might thwart Sean’s plans to save on gas).

We are counting down the days until we move in…Still have quite a bit of packing to do before then…

I Spy a Mess

We came home last night from my parents’ house, and unpacked the car for half an hour. Between my overzealous packing, two sets of Christmas presents, and shopping bags containing my new formal work wardrobe – we were full on into what my family has coined “too much Christmas.” One Christmas morning when we were little, my younger sister suffered a major meltdown resulting from too much excitement Christmas Eve, followed by too little sleep, and too early festivities on Christmas morning. Amidst her cries, she announced that she had had “Too much Christmas!” My family, of course, responded with hysterical laughter at her expense, and we have since used the term year after year when the holidays, despite all the joy, occasionally wear us out.

Although we’ve managed to clean up our act a bit this morning, here’s what our house looked like last night…

I spy two shoes, and a lone winter boot.

And a black lens cap amidst all our loot.

I spy a present bigger than me,

And a new tripod that was tucked under the tree.

I spy a cook pot that’s especially deep

And a husband who, like me, is ready to sleep.


We are more than thankful for all the gifts we received this year. But much more than that we are grateful for our families and all the time we got to spend together over the holidays! We love you!

Christmas House Tour 2011

I love decorating for Christmas each year. It’s the time of year when our home looks the homey-est and I love sitting in front of the tree each night in December. This year, I tried to use our decorations in new ways – and although I haven’t been adventurous enough yet to venture out of reds and greens, I did spice things up a bit by throwing in some gold.

Sean is not a big fan of decorating for the holiday, but I somehow manage to rope him in every year. He even went so far as to suggest some ideas of his own this time. As reward for his participation, I did compromise with him a bit on the Christmas tree. We usually have a fake one that was handed down from Sean’s parents. It’s a good-sized tree, but it also has to be put together branch by branch. The cheap, scrawny tree that I got at an after-Christmas sale last year is pre-lit and is only two pieces that you put together. Of course, you still have to wrap some garland around it to fill it out…but that’s neither here nor there…So, for the sake of convenience (and Sean’s attention-span/allotted time for caring about Christmas decor) I opted for the pre-lit tree.

Here’s a peek at how things turned out…











Christmas House Tour 2010