A Word with You :: Same

Life has been CA-RAZY lately. We somehow found ourselves at the beginning of April staring down an extremely packed calendar.

This month, for ‘A Word with You,’ I thought it might be fun, and potentially calming, to review the things that are the same in each crazy day. Amidst all the busyness and coming and going, there are consistencies – little restorative, dependable things to be grateful for.

morning routine :: Like it or not, I get up each morning around 7. I sleep in later than I should and race around to get ready in time to make a smoothie before heading out the door.

my commute :: I really appreciate the 15 minute walk I have each morning before I catch the T into town. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I am starting to enjoy it even more. I usually take this time to call my sister or chat with my mom during her drive to work.

solid joys :: Since I can’t seem to slow down my am routine, I have started reading a devotional during my ride into town every morning. The Solid Joys app from John Piper is my current fav.

lunch hour :: I look forward to my lunch hour every day. I typically spend my break walking around town and finding a quiet place to read. Check out the Good Reads widget in the sidebar for a list of books I’m currently buried in.

the ride home :: Now that Sean is done with school, he has been picking me up from the T stop most days of the week. I love these few moments in the car with nothing to do but catch up on how our days went.

ice cream :: Somehow, ice cream has started to play a major role in our evening plans. As much as I love this snacking pattern – I have started to rethink the health benefits of indulging every night. Currently, we love anything with chocolate & peanut butter and eat it while enjoying another recent addiction: episodes of Mad Men.

This spring & summer I hope to add ‘evening walks’ to this list of daily activities. Sean and I took one last week and it was fabulous!

While the word ‘same’ tends to dredge up feelings of boredom & monotony – I feel like there is a lot to be thankful for in the midst of some ‘sameness.’ In a season of ‘busy,’ some ‘same’ is often just what I need.

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3 thoughts on “A Word with You :: Same

  1. cojobo

    “Somehow” ice cream got involved in your routine? “Somehow”? That’s just funny. 🙂
    I agree with you that same can seem boring, but sometimes it’s what I crave. (well…that….and ice cream.)


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