Every night this week, Sean and I have sat in our living room together.

Riveting story, I know…But seriously, it has been stinkin’ wonderful.

Since we got married four years ago, our schedules have been off. First, I worked a lot of evenings. Then Sean started grad school. And recently, he was coaching wrestling. Life has been busy, and for almost four years, the nights that we’ve had free to just sit in our living room together have been few and far between.

I have been wanting nights like this for a while now. Time to sit and read in the same room. Time to chat. No busyness, no running from one thing to the next, time just to be.

I like looking up from my book and seeing him sitting across the room. That’s the only thing I want to put on our calendar for a while.


2 thoughts on “Schedules

  1. David Lyell (@davidclyell)

    Stephanie and I have been experiencing the same exact thing! We hit some kind of rhythm that during jan/feb that we’ve never had before. Nights just sitting around. We’ve also been trying to not use electronics at all after 6pm. (except for my blogging because that is just relaxation for me)

  2. Aunt Susan

    Just being together is such a blessing! I love that I still get a happy heart when I hear Chip’s car pull in the drive…


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