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I was reminded a few times this past week to stop and notice the simple. I read this post and realized that it had been far too long since I had paused to be purposefully thankful. (Unfortunately) It’s not uncommon for entire weeks to go by without me actively practicing gratefulness. And I’ve found that when I let gratitude escape – an anxious, ‘gimme-more’ spirit quickly steals its way in.

In past moments of envy & over-dramatic woe about what we have or what we have not – I have often found it helpful to force Sean to march around the house with me while I name things that I am grateful for. It sounds completely ridiculous and totally unnecessary – and yet, there are some moments (moments I am in no way proud of) when I look around our corner of the world and fail to see it for the extraordinary blessing that it is.

In our corner of the world, I am warm, and safe, and well-fed. Our home holds an abundance of tangibles, intangibles – countless ordinary, everyday moments that only we share, and lot and lots of love. Today, I am choosing to be grateful.

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11 thoughts on “A Word With You :: Ordinary

  1. cojobo

    how convicting. Realizing that our ordinary is someone else’s extraordinary. It’s hard not to take the simple things for granted, but so important to remember that those “ordinary” things may not be such a given for other people (either in other parts of the world, or even just our true neighbors). Thanks for the reminder of how blessed I am.

  2. Mucka

    I always knew that Sean was a winner and his choice had to be a winner too Just look at each other and know you have the most valuable possession there is LOVE. Be grateful for that most of all, the rest will follow.

  3. craftyp

    gratefulness is such an easy thing to take for granted and teaching that to our kids has proven to be even more challenging! we do try and go around the table at dinner to mention things we are thankful for each day…. that is not always easy and often spirals into other conversations for burping or whatever boys “have” to do.
    The other day I issued a plea to name a random thankfulness after I heard a radio guy mention the idea: we were thankful for zippers and streetlights and mail persons, etc!

    it’s a long road, but I love the idea of you marching around your house counting your blessings.

    1. Meg Post author

      I love the idea of setting aside time to do that during family dinners! haha Your boys’ answers are awesome!
      ps always good to find more gcc grads!

  4. Happy

    Such a great practice to take such intentional notice of what we’re thankful for! Sometimes, when I am reading a book about some drastic and horrific part of history and its victims, I can’t help but stop and say, “Whoa. I am beyond thankful. Who am I to complain about anything when this happened and here I am living such a lifestyle as this!”

    1. Meg Post author

      I love historical fiction – so I’ve been known to do that too! We live in a very blessed time & place – that’s for sure

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