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I am a strange blend of spontaneous and structured. I like rules, process and checking off boxes. On the other hand, I embrace the freedom of living in the moment and the chaos of waiting until the last-minute.

All that being said, I’ve never made New Year’s Resolutions. In part, I’ve probably lacked the discipline to carry a goal over the course of 12 months. I’ve avoided branding the entire year with a common headline – as I’m much more comfortable seeing how the year pans out.

As I approach this new year, I have a desire to settle into a stronger rhythm.  I find that the same aspects of our life keep coming to mind – things that I want to make time for, but often set aside for watching TV or another mindless activity. This year, instead of resolutions, I want to identify some priorities. I want to start evaluating my time and what I am spending (or wasting) it on. The list here isn’t exhaustive or earth-shattering – these are simply some things that I enjoy or that I believe will bring more joy to my life – even if they take a bit of planning. I’m hoping that having a list of priorities will give me a bit of direction in those moments when I’m tempted to stay on the couch.

Housekeeping :: When we were first married, we had a nightly dinner routine down. I like to cook (when I’m not exhausted) and I would generally get things started soon after I got home. We did weekly meal planning and grocery store runs. We had it down – and we weren’t constantly out of milk. Over the past couple of years, with Sean going to class at night, I’ve lived a little more laissez-faire than is probably fair. Since I was the only one home, I could eat spaghetti for dinner night after night if I wanted.This year, I want to place a priority on keeping our home. Simple systems for meal planning and weekly chores plus making time to do something I love – cooking, will help to make our home a more relaxing and cleaner happier place to live.

Reading :: With a longer commute to work, I’ve had much more time to read. Between the Good Reads app on my phone and the downtown library – I have developed quite the system for requesting and borrowing books. In the past few months, I’ve poured over historical fiction, entrepreneurial best-practices and spiritual memoirs. And while my love for a good book is hard to stifle, there is the ever-present temptation to surf the web or flip the channel instead of turning some pages. This year, I want to choose books.

Shared Hobbies :: Although Sean and I have a lot of common interests, our shared hobbies tend to be either intangible, independent or expensive – we like things like reading & attending plays. This year, I want to place more of a priority on pursuing some shared activities. Although this might mean that I need to go for a run every now and then, I’m willing to try some new things if it helps me to take better advantage of the additional time that Sean and I have to spend together now.

My hope is that these priorities will give my days some direction…and from the look of this list, I think the direction I’m moving in is to slow down a bit more and focus on who & what I love. It sounds like it should be easy…

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20 thoughts on “A Word With You :: Direction

  1. Cally.

    Totally encouraged by this post. I definitely find it easier to focus on having “priorities” rather than daunting “goals.” Thanks for sharing!

    1. Meg Post author

      so glad! I’m hoping this helps me to keep myself accountable a little bit…I get so easily distracted – hopefully this will help me waste less time.

  2. cojobo

    It’s funny how similar our posts are….I think you said a lot of what I was thinking. Maybe even more clearly! I agree with Cally…I love the idea of priorities. There’s no way to fail at priorities. They are what they are and you just continually strive to keep them at the forefront. I’ll definitely let you know when I corral my swirly thoughts into bullet-point worthy references so you can help strategize and keep me accountable. You’re up for that, right?! 🙂

    1. Meg Post author

      I thought that too. I love what you said “There’s no way to fail at priorities. They are what they are and you just continually strive to keep them at the forefront” I need to maintain that perspective throughout the year. Priorities are about choices, and we get to make choices over and over again throughout the week – when I mess up, I can choose better next time. Keep me posted on your long-term goals – I’m definitely up for it!

  3. Robin(Mom)

    Love your thoughts, Meg. It IS easy to cozy with a quilt and watch Downton Abbey or Biggest Loser instead of reading an historical fiction novel or getting on the treadmill. I believe we use excuses in our lives like “I worked all day so I deserve ……” When the truth is we have a God in Heaven who gave us the ability to choose wisely. He gave us His Holy Spirit to guide and direct our paths that lead to righteousness. Okay….you’ve convicted me…priorities…here we go!

  4. Happy

    Hi Meg,

    As a total book nerd (I love books, like love them more than I love some people), I can understand your dilemma with not always using those spare minutes reading an actual book as opposed to oh, a blog or two or three via my phone. Such an easy thing to do these days!

    I love the forgiveness in having priorities as opposed to resolutions. Our priorities can change with life without feeling like we’ve failed.

    Great post! I look forward to visiting your blog in the future!

    1. Meg Post author

      Thanks for visiting and saying hello! I always love reading your comments on Courtney’s blog.
      I am also a self-proclaimed book nerd – Are you reading anything good lately?
      For me, blogs are a quick and easy reading fix. But nothing beats a good book.

  5. Ruth

    I love to read a good book. I am always looking for another fabulous read. Right now, I can hardly keep up with the list that Edie shares. I don’t want to miss any because they all seem so good.
    I am trying to find more common hobbies for my husband and I to enjoy. Our tastes are so different.

  6. laura@libertyfarmchronicles

    Oh, yes, you nailed it – there’s nothing like a book! I so quickly tip over into screen time rather than page time, and I always regret it. My list for this year is ambitious (including Edie’s book club, which I adore…) and I hope will help with better priorities.
    I appreciate the nuance between priorities and goals.
    Goals feel like they have to have end dates and one has either succeeded or failed.
    Priorities require constant focus, improvement, and as necessary movement on or off the list, to the top, middle, or bottom.
    Helpful distinction.
    Very nice to meet you.
    Hopped on over from Edie’s link up.

    1. Meg Post author

      I love the idea of making a reading list ahead of time! More often than not, I read them as I hear about them – it might be fun to plan it out a bit sometimes!
      I am hoping that the distinction between goals and priorities will motivate me a bit more. We will see… 🙂

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