Last Friday, at 11:30pm I got up from the couch and started cleaning our downstairs. Lately, I’ve been getting these random bursts of home-prettifying energy…

{I would imagine that Sean would be all for more of these cleaning spurts – it’s not my gift…mess? what mess?}

The longer we’ve been in our new place, the more I’ve felt an urge to nest. But, more importantly, the more that I have started to let go of the idea that it has to be a perfect, finished result…and embracing the idea that our home will be a continually evolving collection.

Even though we were in our first apartment for two and a half years, our time there always felt so temporary. I decorated for the holidays and we added a few touches like sewing my first curtains & a chalkboard stripe in the kitchen – but overall, it felt impractical to invest in anything major.

When we moved into our new little house, I was confronted with a bit more breathing room for our furniture + a bit more empty space. And even though I was excited to have more room, I was overwhelmed by it as well. When it comes to home decor, I have found my problems to be two-fold: an unwillingness to spend money and a strong perfectionist streak. I’ve been known to pull things out of other people’s trash & to take 6+ months to hang pictures on the walls.

But the past couple of months, I have been thinking a lot about our things, and my heart has started to shift…

…first, I bought curtains and a small bedroom rug

…then, I got a free dresser on Craigslist and Sean and I gave it some love & moved it into our room

…my mom came for a visit and I hung a mirror and some pictures above a chair in our living room

…and I started hoarding thrifty furniture finds in our basement

…we invested in some soft rugs for the dining room & our bedroom

…and I cleaned up a fun yellow chair I found in our neighborhood


wpid-nesting-pics-7.jpg wpid-nesting-pics-6.jpg wpid-nesting-pics-2.jpg wpid-nesting-pics-4.jpg wpid-nesting-pics-5.jpg wpid-nesting-pics.jpg

Ever so slowly, I’ve started to decorate. I’ve started to hush the voice inside me that says I have to love it forever, and choose to show my house some love.

right now.

with what we have.

This week, I hung a picture collage on the wall along our stairwell. And, I will admit, there were moments when I was battling the perfectionism with a small whisper of The Nester‘s mantra :: “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” And when I stepped back from the finished product, I was glad that I had hushed that constraining voice.

I want our home to be a haven. A place of hospitality. I want to approach it with grace and gratefulness each and every day.


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