Grad Grad Party

This past Thursday was a big night in the O’Rourke house: Sean finished his Master’s program. It’s been a long couple of years…my default answer to “How’s life?” for the past two years has been something along the lines of “Good, Sean’s really busy.” And we’ve all gotten tired of talking about that.

To celebrate, I insisted on throwing a party on Friday night. This was no easy feat – as I had to convince some of our friends to cancel a dinner party they had invited us to (still sorry), plan a party menu (not my fav), and convince Sean that his graduation was a big enough deal to necessitate a party in his honor (not his fav).

CMU’s color is tartan plaid, so I decided to work that into some party decor with a tablecloth & some festive napkins. To add in some school-esque touches, I threw together some pencil-bouquet centerpieces for the tables and sprayed some food labels with chalkboard paint. We asked all of our friends to wear plaid – which gave you the constant feeling that everyone had accidentally worn the same outfit. And Courtney, graced us with her chalk-art skills and brought over a giant chalkboard sign – complete with a Mad Libs style congratulatory message, which we filled in throughout the night. (I later realized that both of the words I added: “nergy” and “tothpick” were not actual words.)







Seany, I am so incredibly proud of all the hard work you have put into the past couple of years. Thanks for never complaining and for showing me every day what integrity looks like. I love you.


6 thoughts on “Grad Grad Party

  1. Aunt Susan

    YEAH for Sean – Congratulations!! So proud of him for choosing his path, then sticking to it! Look at all of the plaid in the picture – lol

  2. Lissa @ The Looking Glass

    YAY SEAN! (YAY YOU!!!!) YOU GUYS MADE IT! looks like so much fun!!!! what a lovely party. hope you spend lots of time celebrating some free time together 🙂

    ps i didn’t get your guest post yet… did you re-send it to me? it’s no rush, but i’m looking forward to it 🙂

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