Influence Recap

After work yesterday, I slept from 6pm until this morning. It’s safe to say that the past few days spent at the Influence Conference tired me out, but they also lifted me up and encouraged me. Instead of leaving the conference feeling overwhelmed and exhausted – I feel full. I have lots to think about. Lots of new ideas spinning around in my head. Lots of online faces I now recognize.

Courtney / Kerrie / Julie / Melody / Allie / Elise / Cally / Kacia

The main reason that the conference was so refreshing was the message being communicated. Session after session, the speakers encouraged us that we had value. But they took the pressure off, because that value isn’t about us doing all the things. It’s about something bigger. It’s about God. And grace. And using our influence to speak from right where we are and from who we are.

Below are some of my favorite quotes from the weekend. These are some of things that I will probably be thinking about and processing for the next couple of weeks:

“Is what you are spending your time doing, actually your art?” – Emily Freeman

“Art is for you. Right now. Small and broken.” – Emily Freeman

“Sometimes chasing something takes some waiting.” – Emily Freeman

“Give yourself permission to be where you are, and don’t be afraid of the loose ends.” – Emily Freeman

“Art and margin must coexist.” – Emily Freeman

“We have to show up, and we have to accept grace.” – Emily Freeman

“This isn’t about me, and I don’t want it to be.” – Jami Nato

“What you worship is obvious.” – Jami Nato

“I can only bring who I am” – Haley Morgan

“No matter how small – I have Influence.” – Casey Wiegand

“Hitting our limits will force us to look outside of ourselves to our Savior.” – Casey Wiegand

“Don’t change your brand to exercise opportunities.” – Jessica Turner

“Writers change, evolve and learn, but none of this can happen until you hit publish.” – John Saddington

Also, I love this post that Amanda wrote about processing the Conference from home.

Thankfully, all the of the sessions will be posted on the Influence Conference site fairly soon. I am definitely going to invest the time to listen to the sessions that I missed (and maybe re-listen to Jami Nato’s verbal spanking (as she called it) cause it was some filling Truth). And I would definitely encourage anyone who is interested to listen to the sessions at home. Cause they were stinkin’ great.

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