Some Stuff About Stuff

I’ve had lots of stuff on the brain lately. And not in the general sense. I’ve been literally thinking about stuff. possessions. the bits and pieces that fill my closets, drawers, and well, let’s be honest – my floors (when I’m not being particularly tidy).

I’m feathering our nest. Our first apartment was cozy, but temporary. And since I knew it was temporary – I didn’t want to go all crazy with the decorating. I muscled out some curtains but that was kind of the extent of it. Now that we are in a new place – I’m feeling the urge to make it feel like a home. Hence, I’ve been thinking about pretty stuff to fill it with.

I’m sorting clothes and investing in staples. I think the process is just getting started, but I’ve been cleaning out my closet. No hanger left unturned. No baggy stacked-horizontal-pleated dress left unpurged (I had two of these? what?) On the flip side, I’ve been buying white pants on sale (and then wearing them after Labor Day, because Yes! I finally own white pants!) and searching for an army green military jacket.

I’m thinking about value. All this thinking about stuff has made me think about what I put my value in and what I get my value from. And also, how I treat the things I have with care. Materialism + Simplicity. Contentment + Engagement.


9 thoughts on “Some Stuff About Stuff

    1. holdingloose

      we should discuss soon. also, horizontal pleats are AKA “tucks.” also, I am mad that I am missing out on this closet cleanout because that’s one of my favorite things to do!

      1. Meg Post author

        haha I feel that the outrageously ugly nature of these “tucks” was beyond the norm…so I had to invent a new name for them. Thanks for the heads up sis!

  1. Robin

    I feel like I am the QUEEN of stuff lately–well…..the amount of it anyway. Since Grammy is moving into a 1 bedroom apartment, I have become the overflow area!!! This is by choice. This is a huge downsize for my mom and she is very unsure what to take and what will fit. It is my pleasure to store things here for a few months until she decides exactly what will fit and what will not. Our basement looks like a flea market waiting to happen. So funny…….God Bless her

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