A Break Break + Our New Little House

This blog is the place where I keep our memories…aside from my heart of course (For those who are all about the cheese – I’m sorry, that was not sincere).

Anyways, so I love keeping our memories here. That’s primarily why I blog. And even though I’m on a break – I need to stop back here for a bit because we are moving. Into a 3-bedroom duplex. Which is kind of-almost like moving into our first house. This must be recorded. I’m sure you understand.

Time for a tour of empty rooms…

Front Door + Living Room

Dining Room (& crazytown chandelier)

Kitchen - There is a breakfast bar that overlooks the dining room...


(I have some pictures of closets/the garage/other bedrooms…but nobody really wants to see that/all the bedrooms look the same right now). Can’t wait to start making it feel like home!!

Here’s a brief list of the things we are totally digging about our new digs:

  1. Let there be light! More than one half window per room? Check. Ability to keep windows open without being creeped on by neighbors with walls far too close to our own? Check. No giant window turning our house into an oven in summer/icebox in winter? Check.
  2. Hardwood floors. I’m so in.
  3. No pink tile in the bathroom. Sean gets his man-card back. I get my style-learner’s-permit back.
  4. Three bedrooms. Ok, we know what you’re thinking. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves…
  5. Dishwasher. Garbage disposal. Normal size fridge. Ok just stop. Is this real life?
  6. Garage. Sean is skipping just thinking about saving our cars from rust, snow, stolen electronic devices, and all other terrible fates that await cars sitting helplessly on the street.
  7. AC. What? We didn’t even find out this was part of the bargain until after we signed the lease. We didn’t even consider it a valid option – so why even ask about it and potentially look silly. Who looks silly now?
  8. Linen closet, front hall closet…I mean, that’s just homey. I will take it.
  9. Upstairs and downstairs. See number 8. Also, doesn’t that just make it feel like more space?
  10. Location, location, location. Although we will miss living in Crazytown, USA, we are excited about the accesibility of our new home: 5 minutes to a great ice cream shop, 5 minutes to Sean’s job. We are both pleased (Although that ice cream shop might thwart Sean’s plans to save on gas).

We are counting down the days until we move in…Still have quite a bit of packing to do before then…


5 thoughts on “A Break Break + Our New Little House

  1. Cristie

    Yay you’re back! I have checked daily waiting for your next post and this was a good one to come back to 🙂 So excited to see what you do with the place! It is going to look so great! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

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