Brace(let) Yourself

One weekend towards the end of December, Sean had a wrestling tournament scheduled and was going to be gone for an entire night. In an effort to seize the opportunity, I emailed out a last-minute invite for a girls’ craft night. I had 0 ideas about what crafting we would actually do, and since those invited had approximately 3 days to RSVP before said event, most people were already booked for the weekend and my last-minute idea fell to pieces.

Not to be dissuaded, I sent out a follow-up email and rescheduled for the middle of January. The ladies were trapped…not even good planners could escape…I was planning so far in advance. My timely planning also had the added benefit of actually giving me enough time to brainstorm a craft.

My criteria for craft night crafting is simple:

  1. Easy enough for everyone to feel confidently competent
  2. A broad category with some options (rather than forcing everyone to do the same thing)
  3. Something that allows for creativity/variation (or not – for those of us who like to follow directions)
  4. Oh yes, and inexpensive

With the help of my crafty friend Natalie, we came up with an amazingly catchy theme for the night: Bracelets and Facials…ok, so we may have saved our creativity for the actual crafting…

After a couple of days of Pinterest-ing some ideas, I found 4 great bracelet options:

  • Braided Leather Cuffs
  • Leather Bow Cuffs
  • Woven Jersey Bands
  • And the stand-out favorite…Braided Chains

And, to add even more fun to the night, Natalie provided all the supplies for some herbal facials.

We ended up with the huge crowd, well huge compared to the size of our apartment, which made for a cozy night. I’ve done some rough math, and it seems craft nights are one part crafting, one part eating, and most parts chatting. It’s also a great excuse for me to get all my favorite ladies in one place at the same time.

The group quickly divided themselves among the various bracelet options – the hesitant headed for the jersey, the curious decided to try their hand at braiding some chain, and a few down-to-earth girls sat on the floor to craft with leather.

We made a huge mess and had lots of success.

Pinterest tutorials and group trial-and-error proved extremely helpful. I always find that it’s much more fun to craft with company. There’s also the added bonus of someone there to give a truthful answer when I muse aloud, “Does this look as bad as I think it does?”

Amidst all the crafting, girls took turns in the kitchen for facials with Natalie. They were absolutely fabulous and (although Natalie did all the work) seemed fairly easy. Natalie has promised to provide a tutorial, in case anyone is interested in holistic pursuits, so I’ll keep you posted on that.

The facials involved pouring boiling hot water into a bowl, then leaning your face over the bowl and covering yourself with a towel. I am not ashamed to say that it was one of the most intense things I have ever attempted. Being completely immersed in hot steam is not for the faint. I don’t think I’m ready for a trip to the sauna yet.

Every time we have one of these craft nights, I am reminded more and more why I need to become better at planning ahead. Even though it takes a bit of effort to pull one of these together, I always love it (and come home with something fun that I made myself).

More new fun to come…(with the exception of the jersey) I plan on posting tutorials for the bracelets this week….

4 thoughts on “Brace(let) Yourself

    1. Courtney

      Her friends DO love it! 🙂

      It was a great night meg…I want to do more! (except I’m kinda glad I didn’t do the facial….I hate breathing warm air. Ugh.)

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