Our Engagement Party

All of this talk about Cristie and Josh’s engagement party has gotten me reminiscing about our own party a little over 3 years ago. I spent some time this week looking back over the pictures. I absolutely loved our wedding day. For one thing, it made me Sean’s wife. For another, it was the best party I’ve ever been to. But I also always say I loved getting one day where everyone I loved was in one place at the same time. Our engagement party was a taste of that.

My mom, as always, decked her house out like crazy. She hung tulle, white lights, and pictures of Sean and I all over the house. She served appetizers and lots and lots of cookies. Many of our family and close friends were able to be there, and we spent the night laughing, shooting pool, celebrating, and doing the occasional raptor impression.

This guy took pictures all night long and got some goodies…

At one point during the night, I realized that all of our college friends had gone missing. We found them in a giant circle engaged in a heated competition: Everyone could only speak in questions. Play went in a circle and questions had to be answered with questions. I don’t remember who won, I do know that this girl is pretty fierce at it:

The men spent most of the night splitting their time between the pool table, Wii tournaments, and foosball.

Apparently, the losers behaved like losers…

(They could also be mourning the loss they would soon suffer as Sean moved out of their apartment and in with his new wife!)

It was a beautiful night for us, surrounding by all of the people we love so much and who have faithfully supported us in every phase of our relationship.


2 thoughts on “Our Engagement Party

  1. Lydia Pastor

    Your engagement party was an absolute blast. Thanks for posting. I really enjoy reading your blog!
    Love you,


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