Cristie’s Engagement Party

This summer, our youngest sister is getting married. And so, as our family is apt to do, we added another party to the list of parties and showers already associated with a wedding: an engagement party. A couple of Saturdays ago, we headed to my parents’ house for the celebration.

Not wanting to miss out on any of the fun, it was a full house for the entire weekend including me, Sean, my sister Ali, Cristie and her fiance Josh, Josh’s mom Karen (all the way from Seattle), and Cristie’s namesake and her husband Stephen (all the way from Georgia). By the time we arrived on Friday night, my mom had already done most of the hard work: decorating the house and baking cookies – so we got to kick back, relax, watch part of a British mini-series, and try our hand at an old roller-coaster computer game from the 90s we found lying around the house…

On Saturday morning before the party, my mom, me, my sisters, Karen, and Cristie and Stephen all headed to our favorite bridal shop for Cristie’s second wedding dress fitting. It was actually looking a bit more her size this time around, so it was fun to imagine what she will look like on the day of her wedding! I would show you pictures, but I’m sure my future brother-in-law reads my blog (totally kidding, but just to be safe).

When it was time to get ready for the party, I went all disaster-mode on everyone. Whenever we need to get dressed up, I am notorious for bringing either the wrong thing or nothing at all besides jeans (or in this case, a dress I didn’t realize had a stain on it). Ali spent half an hour chasing me around the house while I rejected a series of perfectly adequate dresses, before my mom pulled the winner out of her closet at the last-minute. You can give the girl some new routines…but you can’t take the old ones out of her…

Cristie, as always, looked stunning. My sister is the type of person that radiates joy, and it was wonderful to see her so happy, surrounded by so many people she loves, and who love her.

Part of me feels like Sean and I were just at our engagement party. Halfway through the evening I found myself wondering when our college friends were going to show up. Even though, they never did make an appearance, we got to meet so many of the friends that Cristie and Josh have made in college and it was great to see my sister and her fiance so happy, so excited for the future and supported by so many friends and family members.

We love you sweet sister and CAN. NOT. WAIT. to party at your wedding this summer! Your man has found quite a catch (and we are getting a fairly good brother-in-law in the mix, as well). We wish you all the best! Enjoy your engagement! Our love to you both!


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