Best of 2011

I absolutely love telling our story here on our blog. Despite the persistence it takes sometimes to keep writing down our new adventures, I LOVE being able to look back over the year and see all that we were up to.

Here are some of our favorite pictures from 2011…

Sean kicked off the year with his blogging debut. He ventured into the woods, took a self-timed portrait underneath a frozen waterfall, and apparently stole people’s hearts – as it’s our most popular post to date.

We spent an afternoon playing on my grandpa’s frozen lake. A day that reminded me how much I love the playfulness I learn from Sean, as well as from my fun-loving mom.

Always one for dramatic flair, Sean smooched me on Valentine’s Day after he cooked us a romantic meal – complete with homemade creme brulee. If it looks like I might be in pain in this picture – I probably am. I call this signature move of Sean’s “the back-breaker.”

I took my first ballet classes this year – A long-standing ‘something new’ goal of mine. I am still reeling from my abject failure, but I am totally in love with dancing – and hope to start another class soon!

I hosted my first girls’ craft night – where a dozen+ girls cozyed-up in our tiny apartment to make felt and flower rosettes. It has been way too long since the last one, so I finally got my act together and am hosting another one next weekend!

I found half of a sectional on the side of the road and after a super-human feat of strength got that baby in my car. After forcing my sick husband to help me carry it in the house + an unsuccessful cleaning attempt this trash couch ended up back where it belonged…by the curb.

After much hair-pulling and cries of dismay, I sewed my first curtain(s?). Anything to cute-ify that crazy pink and black bathroom of ours!

At the local line-dance establishment, I hopped up on the mechanical bull. A lifetime achievement I hope never to repeat, especially considering how violating my ride was.

We celebrated 100 blog posts by making a list of 100 ‘new somethings’ we’d like to do one of these days…

When Sean’s brother Evan came for a visit we went to visit Fallingwater. It was gorgeous inside and out.

We took a second swing at our community garden plot and learned some new things along they way. We can’t wait to have a garden behind a house of our own someday…but until then. A garden in a box will do.

We kicked off the Easter season in a new way this year by celebrating Passover at a friend’s house. Then, we celebrated Easter the good old American way – lots of candy in a basket and an egg hunt.

I taught Sean that snapdragons can do a fun trick at Phipps Conservatory this spring. Based on how mesmerized he was by the flower, I am betting we won’t have to buy our kids any toys as long as we have one of those planted in our yard someday.

Our blog turned one year old this May and we celebrated like any self-respecting one year old…By smashing our faces in cake. Sources tell me that our two year birthday will not be as exciting…

This summer we headed on a family vacation to Alaska…and it only took me 6 months to finally. finish. blogging. about it.

We celebrated our two year wedding anniversary with a day of fun – just the two of us.

My friend Gabby and I tried canning for the first time in what will go down in history as the SALTsa disaster of 2011.

We decided to go berry picking on the hottest day of the year, but were deliciously rewarded for all that sweat.

Summer came to an end…and I whined about it. Also, Sean started classes at CMU to further outgrow his smartypants.

We took one of hopefully many more beach vacations with our bestest buds this summer. Our weekend in Erie was slightly rainy, extremely loud, and at times, hilariously awkward. We love these friends. (Insert Dan + Lara)

Mysteriously, a juice box got us into the zoo for free. It was also Elephant Day – so it was kind of a win-win-win situation.

We I put on our my fancy Indian clothes and headed off to a fundraiser for India Gospel League. I felt like a princess all night and we got to spend the evening with good friends.

This October, we celebrated by Grammy’s 80th birthday with a huge bash at my parents’ house.

Sean kicked off my 25th birthday with post-its scattered throughout the house suggesting 25 ways to spend my special day.

Our small group headed out to an apple orchard this fall and I brought home a bagful. My sister-in-law, Audra, and I decided to try our hand at making applesauce – with very successful results.

We spent the Thanksgiving season with lots of be thankful for this year. After a season of unemployment, we’ve learned much about the Lord’s goodness and each other!

And just last week, we celebrated Christmas in style with a visit to Ohio. My entire family was together and we had an amazing vacation with them, relaxing and enjoying being in the same place at the same time.

Our prayer at the end of last year for 2011 was:

“God we ask you not to lift us out of life, but to prove your power within it; not for tasks more suited to our strength, but for strength more suited to our tasks. Give us the vision that moves, the strength that endures, the grace of Jesus Christ, who wore our flesh like a monarch’s robe, and walked our earthly life like a conqueror in triumph; we ask it for his sake. Amen.

Eternal God, thou makest all things new, and abidest for ever the same: grant us to begin this year in thy faith, and to continue it in thy favour; that, being guided in all our doings, and guarded all our days, we may spend our lives in thy service, and finally, by they grace, attain the glory of everlasting life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”   – William Edwin Orchard

I was just telling Sean the other day that, this year, the Lord showed me His power and His immeasurable love in a new and greater way. He blessed us with a fuller knowledge that His strength is sufficient and His grace is without end. And so, I echo this prayer for 2012. May our Lord who makes all things new continue to reveal Himself to us this year in new ways – that we may grasp more fully how deep His love is and how very wide His grace.


4 thoughts on “Best of 2011

  1. Emily B

    Such a cute recap of your year! Wish I had some time to compile something similar… probably won’t happen, but I’m thankful to have dated blog entries for future reference to remind us what the heck we did all of 2011! 🙂

  2. Audry Cece

    This is a great post! You and your husband are so stinkin cute, and I feel like I got to know you:):)

    I’m going to put your button up on my website, as an example of a Godly Marriage:)

    -Audry Cece (


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