I Spy a Mess

We came home last night from my parents’ house, and unpacked the car for half an hour. Between my overzealous packing, two sets of Christmas presents, and shopping bags containing my new formal work wardrobe – we were full on into what my family has coined “too much Christmas.” One Christmas morning when we were little, my younger sister suffered a major meltdown resulting from too much excitement Christmas Eve, followed by too little sleep, and too early festivities on Christmas morning. Amidst her cries, she announced that she had had “Too much Christmas!” My family, of course, responded with hysterical laughter at her expense, and we have since used the term year after year when the holidays, despite all the joy, occasionally wear us out.

Although we’ve managed to clean up our act a bit this morning, here’s what our house looked like last night…

I spy two shoes, and a lone winter boot.

And a black lens cap amidst all our loot.

I spy a present bigger than me,

And a new tripod that was tucked under the tree.

I spy a cook pot that’s especially deep

And a husband who, like me, is ready to sleep.


We are more than thankful for all the gifts we received this year. But much more than that we are grateful for our families and all the time we got to spend together over the holidays! We love you!


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