Pretty Presents

Last year was my first foray into creative Christmas wrapping. And I had so much fun that I decided to try again this year. I found lots of fun ideas on Pinterest and combined my favorite ones for this year’s gifts. Sean was even up for brainstorming with me and helped with the entire process, including the 4 trips to Target we accidentally had to make – each time after discovering another piece in the process was missing (tape, tissue paper, etc…)

(My mother, who is forever trying to get me to plan ahead and avoid instances like this, is shaking her head right now)

My favorite addition to the presents this year were the two pear ornaments that I made and attached to the outside of a couple of the gifts.

I love giving gifts and I can’t wait to give these away, but for now, I don’t mind enjoying the pretty packages under our tree.

Merry Christmas!

…and Happy (last-minute) Wrapping!


One thought on “Pretty Presents

  1. Aunt Susan

    Beautiful Meg and Sean!! Love the pretty pears…your gift recipients probably did not want to disturb the pretty wrapping!!


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