100 Reasons Fall Rocks

Fall is by far my favorite season. Recently I was reveling in the joy of the seasonal changes, and I told Meg that I could easily come up with one hundred reasons fall is the greatest season. She seemed a bit skeptical, so I set to work. While it wasn’t exactly easy, I did come up withe one hundred reasons fall is the greatest season. Even if you don’t agree with me, I hope that you have taken advantage of some of the things that make fall amazing, and if not, that you get to it before the season escapes you. Without further ado, 100 reasons fall rocks:

  1. The iridescent rustling leaves
  2. Flannel shirts
  3. The smell of wood burning
  4. Hunting season
  5. Pumpkins
  6. Crisp apples
  7. Great running weather
  8. Cool nights
  9. Longer sunsets
  10. High school football
  11. The distant sound of marching bands
  12. Pumpkin gobs
  13. Oktoberfest
  14. NFL season
  15. Cold sleeping
  16. The use of warm blankets
  17. Canfield Fair
  18. Thanksgiving
  19. Costumes are acceptable
  20. Blustery days
  21. Pumpkin roll
  22. Hoodies!
  23. College football – Go Buckeyes!
  24. Pumpkin flavored beer
  25. Carmel apples
  26. Hay rides
  27. S’Mores
  28. Apple cider
  29. Apple pie
  30. Pumpkin pie
  31. College homecoming
  32. Sam Adams Fall Sampler
  33. My wife’s birthday
  34. My father-in-law’s birthday (mostly because 33 doesn’t happen without 34)
  35. Candy corn
  36. Playoff baseball
  37. Campfires
  38. Jack o’ Lanterns
  39. Jumping in piles of leaves
  40. Weird shaped gourds
  41. Cross-country season
  42. World Series
  43. Crunching sound of leaves when you step on them
  44. Candy apples
  45. Candy pumpkins
  46. Using an axe to chop firewood
  47. Carmel apple cookies
  48. Beards become more acceptable in preparation for winter
  49. The ability to see your breath
  50. First frost
  51. The use of cornstalks for decoration
  52. Scarecrows
  53. An extra hour of sleep when the clocks turn back
  54. Kettle corn
  55. Pumpkin seeds (for eating)
  56. Tricks
  57. Treats
  58. Apple picking
  59. Autumnal poetry (think Robert Frost)
  60. Layered clothing
  61. Creamy soups
  62. Fires in fireplaces
  63. Pumpkin flavored coffee drinks
  64. The neighbor’s fall inflatable decorations
  65. Fake spider webs (although these are also annoying)
  66. Disturbing morbid decorations (I actually don’t like this)
  67. Cinnamon smells
  68. Autumn-themed candles
  69. Birds migrating south means better early morning sleeping
  70. Free candy
  71. Vests (Puffy)
  72. Vests (Sweater)
  73. Plaid shirts
  74. The last few glimpses of sunlight before winter
  75. New T.V. shows
  76. Indian corn
  77. No more street sweeping (no more parking tickets)
  78. Pumpkin flavored ice cream
  79. Fall themed M & M’s
  80. The Bowdens had a baby (a super cute baby)
  81. Turkey meat
  82. Yams
  83. Charlie Brown specials
  84. Pre-Christmas build-up
  85. Wrestling season begins
  86. Sleeping with a down comforter
  87. Fall is the only season with two names
  88. Cranberry flavored items
  89. Halloween candy
  90. Using driving gloves without feeling like a nerd
  91. A new class of Nobel laureates is announced (Any NPR fans?)
  92. Geese migrating south in formation
  93. The start of hot-chocolate season
  94. Calvin and Hobbes fall-themed strips
  95. No sun burns
  96. Mums
  97. Fall marathons
  98. Scarves (for Meg, not Sean)
  99. Stray snow flakes
  100. Fall happens every year!

6 thoughts on “100 Reasons Fall Rocks

  1. Ali

    This made me laugh really hard for some reason. Love it all. Although I might argue that flannel and plaid shirts should fall into the same category! Haha looking forward to seeing you next wkend

  2. Kelly

    hahahaha I think that this blog should be updated daily just so that I can get my daily laughs in! i’m pretty sure that I laugh out loud every time I read it! (or maybe I could just be a good best friend and call you back and get my laughs that way… whoopsies!)

  3. Courtney

    I’m with Ali- some of these things might be a bit of a stretch regarding repetition (see: marathons, cold running weather, and cross country season)- but I will allow the separate listing of each and every version of pumpkin treats, because they are each delicious in their own way.

    And congrats on holding out mentioning Piper until #80. That showed great restraint. (I’m her mom and I still would maybe list pumpkin pie first anyway….) Yay for fall!

  4. Aunt Susan

    Way to go with the list of 100 great things about Fall – Love it!! I love Fall too! The crisp feel to the air and a reason to wear sweaters!


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