When Life Hands You Apples…

This summer, the third floor apartment in our building came up for rent. As soon as Sean and I found out, we contacted our landlord and told her that we could line up a new tenant for her within the week. We immediately called Sean’s sister and told her about the opening, and about a month later she moved in upstairs!

It has been such a blessing having Audra so close by, especially with Sean’s busy work and school schedule. Audra and I have spent lots of free time together cooking, getting addicted to new TV shows, and talking about her wedding plans (She’s getting married in June!).

After my visit to the apple orchard a couple of weekends ago, Audra came downstairs to help me turn my bag of apples into applesauce.

Since the apples I picked were fairly small, we had to adapt a couple of recipes we found to match the amount that we had to work with. Once again trying out a new recipe, there were definitely a few steps I would have faltered on if Audra hadn’t been there to help. But in the end, our applesauce turned out wonderfully.

(I just realized how bite-sized our kitchen looks, given that Audra is clearly taller than our fridge, and towers above our only counter surface.)

Since we were feeling confident, Audra and I decided to attempt canning the applesauce. I’ll admit this was completely overkill, since we had only made enough to fill 3 1/2 jars, but we deemed it a good practice round and got to work.

I can’t wait to open one of these on New Year’s Day and have the applesauce with pork and sauerkraut! (As long as we canned it correctly, of course!)


4 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Apples…

  1. ali

    wow! looks good meg 🙂

    i cant believe that big pot of apples only made 3 cans! wish i could try some 🙂 well i guess i will be home for New Years–maybe we can hang out!

  2. Courtney

    This reminds me of my brief and only mildly successful carreer in canning pears. We had a million and I for over ambitious with it (imagine that!) and tried o make pear butter. It’s amazing how much fruit goes into making so little sauce. Yours turned out great though and if nothing else- you guys had fun!

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