Mini Apple Picking

This year, our small group decided to go apple picking together. We headed to an orchard south of the city that promised we would be able to pick our own apples – straight off the tree. And they weren’t kidding – this orchard had rows and rows of miniature apple trees – no ladders required!

Sean had to go to class that morning, so I ventured out on my own, and spent most of the morning playing photographer (emphasis on playing) for all of the cute kids (only the ones I knew, I promise).

When we arrived, the hayride to the ‘pumpkin patch’ was getting ready to depart. Nathan, adamant about getting the full experience, made the driver wait while we took care of some diaper changes so that we could hop on the ride. Why would I put ‘pumpkin patch’ in quotations? – You tell me…

Hilarious. It was like the grocery store. But with some grass.

There was a ring system for measuring the cost of the pumpkins: There were various colored rings – each corresponding to a different sized pumpkin. They had placed a giant sign in the field to communicate this. Problematically, they were not clear with punctuation, leading us to question if the yellow ring-sized pumpkins cost $3.00 or $300. We took our best guess…

The kiddos were pretty into picking out their own pumpkins, which was pretty fun considering that last year James was just a little guy.

After we picked our pumpkins, we headed to the orchard for the main event. They had over a dozen varieties, but I tried to be realistic with the amount of apples that I actually brought home. I definitely could have gone crazy, with high hopes of homemade pies, breads, etc…

I loved that the trees were me-sized. Although they produced comparable-sized apples, it was fun to be able to pluck them right off the trees without it turning into an athletic event. The only real downside I saw was that the apple trees did not match the image I have in my head – I used to love climbing up into my Grandpa’s apple trees to read a book when I was little. These trees weren’t really cozy – just convenient. (Insert comment about modern society here).I was reveling in the beautiful weather. It would be fabulous if we got to live in this degree of sunshine all year long. I could do just fine without winter thank-you-very-much.

I believe that this lady owes me a delicious apple pie…I didn’t win a bet or anything, she just likes making yummy food for people.I was definitely sad that Sean had to miss the trip to the orchard, but he definitely reaped the benefits of all the apples I brought home. I tackled a realistic recipe with all those red goodies…and thankfully my sister-in-law was there to save me from certain disaster as I tried something new…

…any guesses about what we made?


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