Tutorial for Newlyweds: How to Sew a Button

I guess that it would be fair to say that this isn’t so much a tutorial for newlyweds, as it is for people who have been dependent on their moms their entire lives for simple things like reattaching buttons.

In any event, I just learned how to do this, and since it’s ‘something new’ for me – I figured that it might be for you as well. Not wanting to leave you stranded with gaping holes in your clothing, I have come to the rescue with a tutorial on button sewing. Enjoy.

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1. Line up your button where it goes. Make sure that it will fit through the corresponding button-hole.

(Step 1.5 not shown): Thread your needle with a thread color that matches all your other buttons. Pull the thread all the way through the needle so that the ends match up and tie these in a knot. Double knot if you are over-zealous (I am when it comes to button sewing, in case you were wondering).

2. Pull your needle through one of the button holes – Starting from the backside of the fabric and pushing your needle out through the button on the outside of the fabric.

3. Attach a straight pin to the fabric underneath the button. This will give you some wiggle room under the button after you have sewn it on.

4. Put your needle down through the second hole on your button and pull it through to the backside of the fabric. Repeat steps 2 and 4 at least 4 times each. Make sure that your stitches are even (you are coming out and going back in the backside of the fabric in roughly the same spots every time) and that they are tight (nobody likes wobbly buttons).

(For buttons with 4 holes, simply follow the stitching pattern of the other buttons on the garment).

5. Once you have completed your stitching, your needle should be coming out of the backside of the fabric. Push the needle through the fabric (from back to front) and instead of coming out through the button-hole – pull the needle out underneath the button.

6. Remove the straight pin. In a counter-clockwise motion, wrap the thread around the stitching holding the button to the fabric.

7. Put your needle down through the fabric from front to back at a spot underneath the button.

8. Do a couple of back-stitches on the backside of the fabric, by putting your needle in and out of the fabric as shown in the picture and then pulling it all the way through. I do my back-stitches at a couple different angles, and on the last one or two stitches, I put my needle through the loop in the thread as I am pulling my back-stitch through the fabric. This creates a couple of knots and helps keep things in place.

That’s it.

Reading back over that…I’m not sure that was clear at all. Hopefully my pictures help. If not, I’m sure that Martha could show you how.

…or your mom.


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