It’s the Little Things…

Life isn’t all sunshine and roses around here in newlywed-edness…

Oh no…We’ve managed to find a few small ways to annoy the HECK out of each other.

For instance, this is Sean’s shopping list…

You don’t see it? Did you think it was behind that EMPTY bottle of laundry detergent sitting right in the middle of the hallway? Nope, turns out that is the list.

I believe that the intention is for me to shove that bottle, an empty cereal box and the plastic left over from a roll of paper towels in my purse when I go to the store so that I don’t forget anything.

Turns out I’m even MORE annoying…and I waste money while I’m at it…

You can count on this little energy-suck being pointed in your general direction at all times while not in use.

Never know when you are going to need those precious few seconds of actually having to open your computer before you use it…so why not leave it open all the time?

Trying to sleep?…You bet this ray of sunshine will be pointed at your face throughout the night.


In all seriousness,  I couldn’t ask for a better roommate despite the fact that we have, of course, discovered a few of each others idiosyncrasies.

I love you Seany! Now please excuse me while I shut my computer and go throw away the junk you left in the hallway…


Disclaimer: No husbands were harmed (or offended) in the writing of this post.

5 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things…

  1. Robin

    Too funny!!!!!!!!! Want me to get started on Dad’s….
    –He leaves the dry cleaner twistie ties and bags on the floor–garbage would make sense
    –last night’s socks usually can be found on coffee table or in dog’s mouth next morning
    –keeps his toothbrush in the same compartment as his razor–oooh
    Just a few…wonder how many he would have about me!!!

  2. Rheana Lancaster

    I love this and your blog! I am a newlywed as well. Sometimes it is just the smallest stuff that can drive you unreasonably crazy! I married before all my friends so I will definitely be staying tuned into your blog so I can find companionship in another newlywed. haha:)

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