Lakeside with Friends

Over Labor Day weekend, Sean and I headed to the beach with some of our favorite people. All of Sean’s best friends from college and their wives joined us for a weekend at the lake cottage. (And, because it’s that time of year again, on the way we stopped by the Canfield Fair for our yearly glutton-fest).

The days at the cottage proved to be slightly cloudy for the most part – so aside from one day out in the sun, we managed to make our own fun. (We did go to school together in a small-town, so we’ve gotten quite skilled at that). The line-up included…

Lots of reading…

…rock stacking…

…sitting and wading…

…battling for log dominance…

…winning…and subsequent flexing…

…and playing one particularly fun and particularly loud board game…Pit! This game involves a good deal of yelling, so we learned what everyone sounds like in their moments of deepest desperation (Kerry=most intimidating award)…and what everyone acts like in these moments (apparently I inadvertently and repetitively cheat?).

This also happened one of the nights when Bridget fell asleep on Nate. The cackling in the background is coming from all of Bridget’s disloyal friends egging her husband on.

We had a great weekend full of memories and look forward to many similar vacations in the future! We love you dear friends!

(Insert Dan and Lara)


4 thoughts on “Lakeside with Friends

  1. ali

    what a sweet post! such fun friends! wish i had been there to join in the fun! miss you all and am so glad you had a fun weekend.

    ps megan i miss you so much it hurts. move to NYC. thanks!

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