Alaska…part one

It has been two solid months since our trip to Alaska.

Two months of silence about possibly the best vacation we’ve ever taken. There are lots of excuses…tired, busy Meg is at the top of that list…

…but in any case, here is a first installment:

Our plane landed in Vancouver where we were scheduled to meet up with our ship. We arrived in the evening and had the entire next morning to walk around and explore before we boarded. Since it was dark when we landed, we were amazed to wake up and see this view outside our hotel.

Vancouver has this incredible urban landscape, surrounded by breath-taking mountain views.

After a hearty breakfast, we headed out to see the sights.

One of our favorite stops in Vancouver was the historic Gastown neighborhood. The cobbled streets, Victorian architecture, and abundance of interior design stores made for a pleasant walk. Audra also found this odd friend (the pet of a man sitting outside one of the shops)…

Soon, it was time to board…

We settled into our staterooms, drank our complimentary champagne, and set sail – waving good-bye to our brief trip to Canada.

We set out to explore the ship, and quickly discovered our top 5 favorite things about it:

1. A greenhouse room at the top of the ship. This was my favorite place to read while we were cruising. It was always warm (even when the weather got cooler), but still allowed for the feeling of being outside for all the amazing views.

2. An all-day ice cream bar. No explanation needed.

3. Having 5-course meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Good stuff.

4. Our room with a view. I think Sean especially enjoyed the forced balcony pictures at every stop.

5. Complimentary fleece blankets…Instead of beach towels, there was an ample supply of these beauties whenever we felt chilly. I loved this. I also love my model of a sister-in-law.

6. Did I say ‘Top 5″?…Our girls’ trip to the ship’s spa has to make this list. My mother-in-law graciously treated us to seaweed massages. It was probably the most relaxing hour of my life. Below are the placid smiles of some very mellow ladies.

As a funny side story…later that night, Sean wanted me to get out of bed and do something fun on the ship. I replied, “Can I just sit here and read my book? I haven’t had a chance to relax all day.” He laughed at me, and pulled my lazy butt out the door.

*Note that none of the cheesy cruise ship variety shows I dragged our family to made the cut.*

Although our ship was amazing, it could not compete with the views outside…

…to be continued…

Update: Read about the rest of our trip: Part 2 & Part 3


7 thoughts on “Alaska…part one

  1. Courtney

    that picture of Audra kills me. It’s like an eddie bauer catalog. With Evan looking at the sights in the distance. Awesome.

    Thanks for sharing….can’t wait to see/hear more. You’re making me want to go!

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