My Technological Descent Part 2

Remember when I talked on and on about the wonders of Tumblr? (Yes Nathan, I know that I was using Tumblr incorrectly)

Well, at the end of that post I mentioned a little something called Pinterest. It turns out that I wasn’t the only one with dreams of online magazine-clipping…and there is an entire social media market for people like me.

Essentially, Pinterest is an online pinboard where you can not only clip pictures from anywhere online, but also share and exchange pins with other people. You can follow friends’ boards (or a stranger’s…if you are into that) and see what good ideas they have to steal repin. Pinterest even lets you set up as many separate boards as you want so that you can categorize the madness a bit.

If you like you can visit my Pinterest and check it out. Just click the pink button in my sidebar that looks like this:

If you happen by, here are a few of the pretty things you might find…

A fun idea to frame keys from all the places you've lived

A table with mismatched chairs...Sean and I want this in our kitchen, but can't commit to actually painting them

A yummy-looking mozzarella, tomato and avocado salad

A popsicle you might want to eat as much as I do

A new nail technique

A tutorial on preserving my favorite flower

And lots of other random DIY projects, home decor ideas, party planning magic, and all sorts of handy tricks and tips…

Intrigued??…As you can tell, I’ve unofficially joined the Pinterest marketing team – and have been spreading the word far and wide…So here I am asking, nay imploring, you to jump on this bandwagon…because when it comes to parties like this…the more the merrier!

6 thoughts on “My Technological Descent Part 2

  1. Relevant Notes

    So many bloggers have been raving about Pinterest lately, I’m thinking I’m going to have to jump on board soon. Especially love the key framing – I think that’s originally from Young House Love?


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