A LOVEly Day

Two Mondays ago (delinquent blogger alert!) was our 2 year anniversary. To celebrate, I took a day off from work and we spent all of that Tuesday living it up.

We had decided about a month before-hand that we wanted to go on vacation to celebrate. The morning of we woke up to realize we had failed to make any sort of plans. Still in our pjs, Sean googled the shortest path to Canada and I started calling hotels in a 50 mile radius of our house, hoping that one of us would come up with a semi-decent plan. We both came up empty-handed. Turns out other countries are pretty far away and that this little band had stopped by, sending up ‘No Vacancy’ signs all over town. Needless to say, we need to learn to plan in advance.

Instead of calling it a wash, we decided to make the best of it and vacation from home.

And since vacation for me generally means somewhere close to a body of water, I felt this called for our annual trip to the pool and so we hopped into our suits and headed for the park.

On the way, we passed one of our favorite pizza places: the Tomato Pie Cafe and in true vacation-fashion – we let the day take us where it would and decided to stop for lunch. On an impulse, we pulled off the road at the next chance and did a wide U-turn.

Doesn’t he look like he’s on vacation? Those rolling hills in the background…we could be anywhere.

We feasted on this beauty:And then we were off for the pool…

Until our vacation-brains reminded us that there was a snow-cone stand on the way.

So we ordered one each (me – cherry, Sean – coconut) and grabbed a park bench by the lake. The day was already a success, but we had set out for the pool and so we continued.

I can’t prove that we went to the pool, because I was too busy relaxing to take pictures. So you will have to trust me….but I do have some wicked tan lines I can show you if you run into me around town. As a further tease, this is the most ginormous (only appropriate word choice)pool I have ever seen in my life. Again, I do not have photographic proof…but you can’t make this stuff up.

After our mini-beach-vacay, we headed home, fancied ourselves up and left for dinner. We decided it might be wise to go in the opposite direction from these guys and ended up being right. The restaurant we chose was fairly empty and we had our own private patio for the evening.

Despite our lack of planning, our anniversary turned out to be a huge success. We have not learned our lesson…

But in two years, I have learned an awful lot about my husband. I have learned to love his heart and his incredible integrity more and more each day. I am blessed by his steadfastness and his patience. Love you hubby. Thanks for making me laugh.


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