Some things (that are) New

In list form…because frankly that’s all the time we have around here lately…

1. My dear husband has become one of the….

He is pursuing a Masters in Public Management (think: kind of an MBA, but for public institutions) and will be graduating in a couple of years with lots more knowledge of balance sheets and a principal’s certificate. We are adjusting to life with 2 jobs (one of us also works on weekends, just to make things difficult), a graduate class schedule, and lots of homework. Sean is currently in the kitchen applying himself with the studious focus of his college days. This boy loves to study!

2. Sean has been busy wrapping up his high school year. He has been keeping busy grading Romeo and Juliet essays and final exams. He can’t say he doesn’t enjoy the busyness though – because it’s been a great excuse to buy Starbucks.

3. I have found a new ballet class that I absolutely love. I have yet to be publicly humiliated and I have even been seeing some real progress!

4. We have gotten to babysit this (not so) little one a couple of times recently. And CAN NOT wait for this little one to arrive.

5. My summer season at work has been B U S Y…but that’s just what makes it F U N. I’m getting excited for the summer day camp we’ve been planning…only a few more weeks away!

6. We are counting the days until we leave for our big summer vacation with Sean’s family to ALASKA! We are looking forward to seeing how those Amerrrican’s celebrate the 4th of July!

Now concludes the most boring post of all time…But I had to update, albeit in the worst possible way.


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