Happy 1 Year!

Dear Blog of Ours,

Today (well, two days ago because we are neglectful parents) you turned one year old! We are so proud of all the new somethings you have helped us try along the way. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching you grow along with our memories.

In America, we allow our one-year-olds to smash a cake and eat to their heart’s content on their first birthdays.

Since we are the proverbial ‘face’ of this blog…we indulged ourselves in celebration of your great achievement.

Happy 1 Year!

(Clearly, we are going to be parents that routinely embarrass our children in public).


3 thoughts on “Happy 1 Year!

  1. Aunt Susan

    Cool!! Keep up the great blogging! Loving the use of the black board! You two crack me up and warm my heart all at the same time! Love you!

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