Trip to Phipps

Some friends were gracious enough to give Sean and I free passes to Phipps Conservatory a couple of weekends ago. Phipps is a beautiful glass greenhouse located fairly close to where I work. Sean had been there before, but it was my first time visiting.

We were both really looking forward to our visit, and I was antsy with excitement the entire time we were driving there.

Phipps did not disappoint and we saw some incredibly beautiful plants.

Low Point of our visit: There was a little boy in front of us as we filed through the butterfly room. We watched him kill/severely maim no fewer than 4 butterflies. It was emotionally devastating for me and Sean had to physically restrain me from taking action.

High Point of our visit: Sean had never seen snapdragons before and was elated when I showed him their special trick.

Phipps is definitely one of our favorite places in the city now. I am looking forward to going back another time on a sunny day so that we can see the outdoor gardens! This trip only served to feed our growing addiction to all things gardening.


4 thoughts on “Trip to Phipps

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