An Excuse I’m Proud to Make

Some of you may be wondering “Where have you been?”

And some of you, most assuredly, have not noticed my absence from this little corner of the world.

Nonetheless, I am prepared with an excuse.

I have been reading.

About a month or two ago, I was talking about books with my friend Courtney, and I mentioned that I love to read. Puzzled, she responded by saying something about how odd that was to hear because she never heard me talking about books I was reading. This comment left me internally rocked for approximately 2.5 seconds until I realized that she was right. I couldn’t put my finger on the last book that I had read. I was a bibliophilic-fraud (I just made that word up…this tends to happen when you are not reading and your vocabulary shrinks).

I have become increasingly aware of my growing addiction to the internet. I can spend hours combing through my Google Reader, reading other people’s blogs. I love it – but it can also be a massive waste of time. So this month, I decided to shut down the computer and head to the library. I decided to let my Feed sit for days at a time, and instead sit myself in a chair with a good book.

Here are some of the books I’ve been reading:

I admit that my English professors in college might not be altogether impressed with my selections, but I have enjoyed every one of these books. I’m headed back to the library soon…

and I highly suggest that you do the same.


7 thoughts on “An Excuse I’m Proud to Make

  1. David Lyell

    Don’t stop writing! Let it come full-circle, write about what you read and read about what you write! You have to do both.

    …ha, sorry if this is totally random, but I was just excited to have finally found you on facebook and then found your blog, hope all is well Mrs. O’Rourke!

  2. Alie

    Such a good idea; I should do the same. I thought Water for Elephants was really well-written, and am pumped about the movie!

  3. Kelly

    Ummm please keep a list going πŸ™‚ last final in 7 hours (shooooot) and then I’m home free to spend hours on the phone with my bff and reading books πŸ™‚

  4. Courtney

    look at you! – back on the bookwagon…or whatever….
    have no shame about your picks- they can’t all be Shakespeare, right? (ps. I had to google his name to spell it right, how well-read am I?) However, I have a question and a recommendation….
    Question: How was water for elephants? Should I skip it and just see the movie, since reading the book will no doubt make the movie seem worse?

    Recommendation: Room, by Emma Donoghue. Just read it, so so so good. go read it now.

    Bonus recommendation: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. This was our last book club pick. It’s not super plot-driven, but the character development is great, and the history of it is pretty fascinating.

    Happy reading!


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