Medium Maintenance Fun

I like to say that I am ‘medium maintenance’ when it comes to holidays. Medium maintenance is a term affectionately borrowed from a friend for its pure genius and pure appropriateness.

It would be unfair for me to be classified as high maintenance about holiday fun. I don’t require expensive Christmas presents, the correct assortment of food does not need to grace my Thanksgiving table year after year, I barely hold to any firm traditions…

…but at the age of 24…I still like getting an Easter basket. A desire that my husband graciously indulges.

This year, Sean sent me off on my hunt in the early morning hours (Of course, he makes me search for it!). To his dismay, I found the basket in his expert hiding spot quite quickly.

He tucked it inside his ski jacket, zipped it up and hung it on a hanger inside our front room closet. Clever – but he’ll have to try harder next year.

A couple days before Easter I planned a surprise of my own, so when Sean sent me off to find my basket – I had a surprise for him! I had already hidden 20 Easter eggs all over the apartment for him to find. I gave him a bucket and he got right to work! I tried my hardest to hide them completely out of sight – I even managed to stump him on a few!

Inside each egg was a different reason why I love him.

I’m so blessed to have a husband who still likes to play…and who doesn’t mind putting up with my quirks!


5 thoughts on “Medium Maintenance Fun

  1. Lis

    This popped up on my feed and so I got to read it and it was wonderful! You guys are such a lovely couple! I’m super impressed with sean’s basket hiding spot and even more impressed that you found it so quicly! AND i love the idea of the easter egg hunt! I miss you. Lets please meet up and catch up soon!

  2. Robin

    I am very impressed that you found your basket so fast–outsmarted him!! Love that you guys always do special things for each other for every holiday–so thoughtful and fun!

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