Sean’s brother Evan was in town a few weekends ago, and I woke up that Saturday morning with an inspired idea.

We had always wanted to go here…

…and so off we went.

Fallingwater was a vacation home built in the mid 1930s by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Kaufmann family of Pittsburgh, PA. It is a historic and beautiful feat of architecture, as it was constructed on top of a 30′ waterfall. We learned a lot about the organic design of the house on our tour and were immediately taken in by the home’s tendency to push you outdoors.

We were not allowed to take pictures while on the tour, but I couldn’t resist snapping this quick view of the view from one of the balconies. (Don’t worry, I learned my lesson when a security officer yelled at me).

From where I was standing the waterfall was directly below us. Can you imagine vacationing here!After our tour, the boys still wanted to be out in the woods so we headed to nearby Cucumber Falls.

While we were there, I got some good practice with the zoom lens we have on loan from my parents. I had lots of fun watching Sean and Evan playing around the falls.

I love this brother pic…they were probably discussing some competitive test of strength or agility involving the falls…it’s what they do.I got some sweet action shots of Sean…

…Unfortunately, all my attempts at action shots of Evan turned out like this…

Evan knows how to skip over boulders like a real man.

After the falls, I was pretty much maxed out on the outdoor fun…but this stud made me go for a hike…

I forgave him…but only because he looks cute in the woods.

{We love you Evan! Can’t wait for your next visit…but let’s not go hiking! K?}


2 thoughts on “Fallingwater

  1. ali

    looks like so much fun!! ive always wanted to go to falling waters! glad you all got to experience it together 🙂 xx

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