Double Whammy

This morning, Sean went out the door at 6:30 to leave for work…

…and discovered that my left rear tire looked like this…

I know! So sad, right?

Thankfully I…

a. was not driving when it happened (or I was for a while yesterday and just failed to notice)

b. was picked up and driven to work by my boss (way out of his way) – Thanks Doug!

c. have a husband who catches such things…I would definitely have gotten in my car, attempted to drive to work, and been stranded on the highway somewhere.

This afternoon, Sean picked me up from work and we were greeted by this on my dashboard…

We had both failed to remember that street sweeping season has come again. Parking ticket officers show no mercy.

Sean set to work changing the tire, and I set out after him with my camera around my neck to document my first flat tire experience. Unfortunately, a few of our neighbors came by to assess the damage and lend a hand. I already looked foolish enough simply having my camera out for such an occasion, I couldn’t very well take pictures! Despite their interruption of my paparazzi-ness, it’s always fun to get to chat a bit with our neighbors. We appreciated the neighborliness of the moment (including the fact that about half the neighborhood informed us that they had all inspected our tire and our ticket before we arrived back home).

All in all, semi-disastrous day…but definitely not full-on disaster.


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