My Technological Descent

I avoided social media for quite a while.

I spent years without a Facebook page…I learned that Twitter even existed way late in the game. (I remember watching the news one night and hearing the newscaster used the phrase “tweet.” I had to look it up. I also had to concede that this made me feel slightly old)…I continued to ‘Ask Jeeves’ even though Google and Wikipedia were running strong (does this count as social media – I’m not even sure). Regardless, I’ve been totally out of the loop on these sorts of things for years and it’s safe to say that I’m the last person I ever would have guessed would have a blog.

And it’s not just the blogging. I’ve become hooked on a little site called Tumblr.

I probably use Tumblr completely incorrectly…but I’m completely addicted to the way that I use it and highly suggest that you all jump on the bandwagon as well. Allow me to explain its genius…

I should start by explaining that soon after we got married, I hopped online and ordered a bunch of catalogs from home stores that I like. I consider these free magazines and although I started by just getting one or two, my subscriptions have grown substantially. When these lovelies show up in my mailbox, I set them aside until I have the proper amount of time to peruse. I cut out the bits that I like and save them in a manilla envelope (I need a prettier system for this). Since I don’t really consider myself the decorating type, I’m hoping these clippings will help inspire me sometime down the road when we have a house to fix up and I’m unable to come up with ideas on my own.

Enter Tumblr. When you sign up for an account (and you should) it installs a little widget(?) in your bookmarks that lets you essentially ‘clip’ things off of the internet. Then it puts it on your Tumblr page where you can see everything all in one place…taking my catalog clipping to a whole new level.

See a recipe I like? Clipped!

Find a picture of a pizza made entirely of felt? On the Tumblr it goes!

Hat with a robot on it? Got it!

See how easy this is?

It also gives you the option of viewing your complete archives by month – giving you a quick snapshot of all the crazy clipping you’ve been doing over the past month.

I’m pretty sure that most people blog through Tumblr. But I don’t really care what most people are doing, because my way is working out excellently. You can also follow other people’s accounts and share ideas (aka steal their great clippings), but since I just stockpile my randomness on my page I’m not sure it’s worth much to the eyes of anyone else (If you really must take a peek there’s a button over on the side there).

To make matter worse, I just discovered a site called Pinterest…which does roughly the same thing only just with photos (Tumblr lets you clip anything – links, text, images, etc). The upside to Pinterest is that you can catalog your clippings into various categories, giving a bit of method to the madness. Needless to say, I have a bit of a dilemma and may have to start clipping on hyper-drive and using both…oh the trials I find myself in!

Social Media…I am embracing you with open arms…and at a frantic pace.

I am sorry my dear husband and our good friend Wendell Berry…I seem to have abandoned our anti-technological ideals somewhere along the way…


4 thoughts on “My Technological Descent

  1. Alie

    Oh what a Grover, alluding to Wendell, patron saint of GC:). I’ll have to look into tumblr; sounds cool. Twitter, on the other hand, baffles me.

  2. Gabby

    haha does that mean @meganOneedsatwitter will be coming into existance soon? i’ve been taking a bit of a hiatus but i think you’d thoroughly enjoy yourself in the tweeting community ; )

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