She’s a crafty one…

Last weekend, Leigh and I kicked our husbands out of the house (Read: They already had plans with fraternity brothers from college that night) and decided to throw a last-minute party for our girlfriends. Somewhere early on in the planning process we got a little carried away and invited everyone to sleep over.

Two problems with this:

1. Leigh and I both have to work on Sunday mornings bright and early.

2. Our husbands were not planning on spending the night at their fraternity function. They were planning on coming home to their warm beds, albeit late into the evening.

Needless to say, we were VERY excited – so excited that all reason was thrown out the window in favor of some fun! On the saner side of our planning madness, we decided to incorporate ice cream and crafts into our evening’s events – ideas that proved as fun as our sleepover! Despite our short-notice invitation we pulled together quite a few girls and prepped for a night of food, chatting, and a craft or two.

Leigh and I split up responsibilities for the party – we both brought some food, I made a fruity Sangria and some ice cream necessities, Leigh brought all the fixings for the craft. All the girls were asked to bring their favorite ice cream topping – our spread of mix-ins was vast and very tasty!

Although the invitation boasted homemade ice cream – our process failed and we ended up mixing our favorite goodies into some store-bought chocolate and vanilla. I failed to get pictures during the party (I was having too much fun), but here’s a creation of Sean’s that he made using some of the leftovers:

{Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate powder, Reese’s Pieces, and mini marshmallows…sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?}

Crafting was the big hit of the evening. We all gathered around a card table in our family room and made this mess in no time…

We cut…

…hot glued…

…and posed for pictures…

…and ended up creating a whole new line of accessories that JCrew would have been proud of.

Some of us made headbands…

…and some of us made eye patches…

…but we all came away with some fun new additions to our wardrobe (and the sense of pride that we had made them ourselves! We had such a fun time that everyone agreed we should do it again soon. Who knew we were so crafty?

At the end of the night, here’s what I had to show for myself:

I’ve already worn the mustard colored one twice – once in my hair and once pinned to a scarf. I’m hooked.

Thanks to all of you who came over last weekend! It was such fun to catch up with all of you. Love you much – Can’t wait until next time!

*I added a tutorial for both of the types of rosettes we made here*


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