Hoppy Beerthday To Me!

I’m not a huge proponent of throwing myself birthday parties. What I am a huge proponent of is good company, good food, and good beer. Last month, for my birthday, Meg decided to take me out to eat for a nice meal at Walnut Grove. It just so happened that Walnut Grove was hosting a beer and food pairing. It also just so happened that I (almost) share a birthday with one of our good friends, Courtney, so the Bowdens joined us for the night.

The night was sponsored by Samuel Adams, so each course was paired with a brew from the Samuel Adams brewery. Not only was each course amazing, but the combination of the beer and food really enhanced the flavors of both. Throughout the night we got a taste of five different beers, all were delicious. Here is a quick look at the menu for the evening:

Some highlights from the evening:

1. We sampled the Samuel Adams Noble Pils, a beer designed for the spring, that hasn’t yet been released nationwide. The beer was tasty, and we got to keep the promotional glass it came in.

2. Not only did we get get to keep the Noble Pils glass, but we were also given a Sam Adams Boston Lager Glass. This is specially designed for drinking Boston Lager, and it has a lot of crazy features. The top of the glass is narrow, which holds in the aroma of the beer, but the lip of the glass flares out, causing the beer to travel over all of your taste buds, from front to back, as you sip the brew. The glass has a lot of other features, but in sum: awesome.

3. The weather outside was brutal. Snow was piling up, and as we were finishing up for the night, I got the call that I was going to have a snow day the next morning, so I didn’t have to go into work the next day.

Overall, not a bad way to spend a birthday.


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