Since starting this blog I have become a bit blog crazy. I spend far too much time reading blogs.

{I think that blogs are currently filling my constant craving for a good book. But nothing is as filling as a good book, therefore I keep spending too much time reading blogs = unfulfilled. I need to go to the library. Tangent complete.}

Now to continue this ridiculous post…and to get back to the important fact that I am a WINNER…

Many of the blogs that I read will frequently host (what is known in the blogging world as) giveaways.

But this is a misleading name.

You are not simply given something.

You have to do something…like comment (Sounds monumental doesn’t it?)

And then you usually never win.

Because there are a million other fools like you out there entering your same giveaway and winning your stuff right out from under your nose.

{Like all the iPads and crazy cameras that I never win from The Pioneer Woman}

{You must be starting to wonder how I press on under all this affliction…}

A week or so ago I entered one of these giveaways hosted by Gussy

…and in case you haven’t figured this out yet…I WON!

aPearantly Sew generously gave away a shop credit for some of her fabulous lovelies. All shameless bragging aside, I really am grateful to have won and in the spirit of paying it forward – I would love if you moseyed on by Alison’s online  shop and check out her handmade awesomeness. If you happen to stop by…tell me? What would you get from her shop? I can’t decide…

I mean seriously…how cute is that logo?

{Alison at aPearantly Sew has no idea that I am promoting her adorable handmade lovelies. All shameless bragging about my victory and gushing opinions are mine alone.}


7 thoughts on “I’m a WINNER!

  1. Courtney

    That’s so exciting!!
    My favs are:
    Autumn Floral small zippered pouch
    Mustard & Dot coin purse
    Golden birds clutch

    Or maybe you should get some hair pins to help with your baby ponytail! 🙂


  2. Angela

    I have never entered any giveaways because I’ve always thought I’d NEVER win. I mean there are 28,000 other people entering the same one and then they select it at random, but I have to say that you have convinced me it IS possible. Therefore, I have just entered to win a mixer and a clutch via blogs. Thank you for giving me hope! haha

  3. amie powell

    YAY! last year I won some super cute hair clips for Abby!

    I like the leafy tote and the teal flower pin.

    have fun choosing 🙂


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