My Quirky Valentine…

Possibly one of my favorite things about being newly married is learning more about my hubby…little eccentricities and all.

One of my favorite tiny habits of his involves finding these…

…all over the apartment. The man sheds them I tell you. At any given point, we have paper clips on the floor in every room in the house.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon making curtains (blooper reel coming soon) and then we left the house for a couple of hours to run some errands.

When we returned, I looked down at my half-sewn curtains laying on the floor and saw this:

Right in the middle of the panel was a paper clip. At some point in our trip out the door – he had let one slip.

Hilarious. But I’m sure you have to be there.

There are many reasons why I love this man and want to have a handful of kiddos that look like him (+ a puppy or two of course)…

…and most of these reasons do not involve office supplies. Nonetheless, this makes the list.

Happy Valentine’s Day Seany!

I love you!

What is your favorite thing about your Valentine?


3 thoughts on “My Quirky Valentine…

  1. Courtney

    when dustin was teaching he would constantly find chalk in his pockets….(do schools even have chalkboards anymore?! jeez we’re old). If I was a good wife and did his laundry I’m sure I would have gotten a kick out of it…. but he did is own chores, (and some of mine) so I never noticed much.

    P.s. This reminded me of that crazy riddle game that we played with Sean’s brother- about a metal piece, that was flat, and round, but not a coin or something?

  2. CessOviedo

    Hey there, new reader over here, love the clip thing, funny cause my father does the same thing! … about my love? well not currently dating, but my last bf used to moved his fingers in the cutest way before typing, was adorbs! Liked you site a lot, I’ll follow!

    Hope you had a lovely ❤ day! xo


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