Ice Capades

My grandparents live about halfway between our apartment and my parents’ house. A few weekends ago we met up there for the afternoon to spend some time together. My parents brought the puppies and it was fun to catch up on all the new tricks they’ve been learning. One of these new tricks is learning to walk on a leash – a trick Murphy hasn’t completely warmed up to yet. We ended up taking him for more of a drag than a walk…

…He hasn’t really warmed up to snow yet either…

My grandparents have 16 acres of woods surrounding their house as well as a small lake that we used to love to swim in when we were younger. After consulting with my grandpa, Sean, my mom and I decided to head out on the frozen water.

My mom immediately initiated a sliding contest, which Sean (always a serious competitor) promptly entered. I decided to stand with my feet firmly planted on the ground and take pictures. Sean typically has to depend on my mom and sisters to be fun – as I usually bow out of any athletic activity.

Sean won fairly decisively as he was recklessly willing to risk life and limb for the ultimate sliding distance.

When I was finally coaxed into taking a slide, mine was about half the distance of theirs – having slowed to a halt following my running start in an attempt to keep my balance.

Despite the briefness of the visit – it was fun to spend a few hours with my family. I don’t often enjoy being outside in the winter, but we managed to have a good time out in the cold.

Next time, we need to remember our ice skates.


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