A Day of Winter Fun

In true ‘January Edition‘ fashion…

A couple of weekends before Christmas, Sean and I embarked on a full day of winter festivities.

We started the morning off with a visit to the Model Railroad Museum.

Instead of sifting through all our dark and blurry train pictures, here are a bunch all at once. The exhibit was so detailed and we loved all the fun vignettes we found along the track.

We even found our garden in the exhibit!Sean spent the entire time we were at the exhibit searching for a tiny hobo. He found a group of them around a tiny campfire at the very end of the exhibit. He almost jumped up and down with excitement.

Before we left, we stopped to play with the trains they have for the kids. Sean had to wait in line behind a couple of little boys before he got his turn.

Of course, no trip to the train museum is complete without this guy…

Before we left, we stopped to sign the guest book…

What’s that Matthew???

It must be said, we thought the train museum was “Aswmen” too!

Our day of festivities continued as we headed downtown to see the Gingerbread Houses at PPG Place.

We saw some holiday favorites…

And some fan favorites…

I think this girl scout troop got a little overzealous…

This one was my favorite…

We went inside the building to see the display they have every year with life-size Santas from all over the world. I failed to take any pictures and vowed that this would be a one-time trip because each Santa we saw was creepier than the last.

On our way outside we stopped to have our picture taken with the giant Christmas tree.

And just when you thought we’d go home (and finish this long and tedious post)…

We took a quick trip to…

…to see the storefront windows all decorated for Christmas.

There we found Sally and her pal, Ollie…all made out of paper!

Each window told the story of Sally’s search for the real Santa Claus and was complete with moving pieces and 3D details.

Sean and I consider ourselves fairly talented snowflake-makers, but we are really no match for the folks at Macy’s.

We popped inside the store for some last-minute shopping and then headed home for the day – full of holiday cheer (and only slightly scarred by the international Santas).



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