Allow me to take a short break in our regularly scheduled programming: ‘Christmas Recap: January Edition’ to talk about something much more interesting and infinitely cuter…

No, I’m not serious…although the image of my cute husband insulating our windows to keep us warm and cozy during the winter does make my heart melt…

I’m talking about puppies of course!

A couple of weeks before Christmas my parents welcomed these two loves into their home…

This is Macy…

and this is Murphy…

We headed to my parents’ house a few days after Christmas and spent most of the break cuddling with these two. We feel in love instantaneously and Sean has finally joined me in the ‘I want a puppy’ camp. Armed with my new camera, I spent every waking moment taking pictures of them.


Blurry...but adorable


Trying to coax Macy into the snow. Once she got out there, she loved it!


He looks so uncomfortable.

Aren’t they adorable?? Alright, I’ll stop with the pictures – but they are so cute I can’t resist!

We miss seeing these two every day (yes, we miss our family too!) and can’t wait to see them again! In the meantime, pray for patience for my parents as they house train these two! The puppies have definitely been keeping them busy…

…but I’m pretty sure this face makes it all worth it…


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