Christmas Blessings

When we got married last year, our family was kind enough to think ahead to the first Christmas we would spend together. We weren’t inundated with ‘Our First Christmas’ ornaments, but my mom donated some garland, Sean’s parents let us borrow a Nativity set that is full of memories, and my Grammy gave us an entire gift bag-full of Christmas decor for around the house.

One of my favorite wedding presents that we got last year was a set of 12 glass ornaments from my aunt and uncle’s family. Hand-blown in Germany, the caption on the box reads: ‘This collection of good wishes is for new couples to begin their lives together. In the old country, it was customary to give these twelves ornaments as symbols of a happy home to ensure a marriage’s success.’

For the past two Christmases (as I’m forcing Sean to decorate the tree with me) I have loved reading each of these blessings out loud as I hang them on the tree. Of course, I love the bird but I try not to play favorites…

Thanks Aunt Sue Ellen, Uncle Scott, Kristen, and Michael. We love hanging these on our tree each year. What a good reminder of where the heart of our home should be. We pray all these blessings for you as well!


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